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AntiHACK Phone

Brought to you by digital forensics and counter intelligence experts

Completely encrypted and only unlockable by you, ensuring no one else can access your phone. 

Providing military grade and enterprise encryption standards to the everyday smart phone user

Communicate privately with friends and family with up to 32 different profiles ( 31 users + 1 guest user )

Option to de-Google and prevent location tracking

Receive security updates for vulnerabilities before the official Android patches are released for the next 5 years

Who Created This Product?

From the founders of AntiHACK and Privacy Ninja

CNA AntiHACK Bug Bounty

Channel NewsAsia

Bringing Bug Bounty Program to Singapore

Lian He Zao Bao

OCBC Bank Phishing Scam
Managing your online privacy

The Straits Times

Managing your Online Privacy

The Straits Times

Business Email Compromise

Interpol World

Keynote Speech on Cybersecurity

Channel 8

Dangers of the Dark Web
Dexter Ng Maritime Security Conference with Military

Maritime Security Conference

Maritime Exploits & Security

Channel 8

IoT Vulnerabilities & Security

Big Tech Companies Are Monitoring You

Let's take a look at what a typical Android phone with pre-installed Google applications track about you DAILY

What Google Tracks About You

Surprise! Your smartphone knows you better than you think, thanks to Google and others big tech companies.

Today’s “smart” phones constantly collect data about you to offer personalized ads and content, making them experts on your habits and preferences.

But with Antihack Encrypted Phones, you can take back control of your privacy. No more behind-the-scenes data collection or profiling – just a secure, user-friendly experience tailored to your needs.

Read on to know what other major tech companies are collecting about you

The data big tech companies have on you

So How To Stop This Pervasive Privacy Invasion?

Introducing AntiHACK Phone

Fully encrypted. Automatic background updates. Secure web browser. Firewall network hardening. Auto Reboot. Encrypted Backups.

Google Pixel 6 Flat Side View

Available in Google Pixel 6a, 6 and 6 Pro Models

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
Google Pixel 6a

At only $1999 (SGD)

Google Pixel 6

At only $2249 (SGD)

Google Pixel 6 Pro

At only $2549 (SGD)

Why Google Pixel?

Get ahead of the curve! As a native Google phone, the Google Pixel phones are the first phones to receive security updates/patches from Google, enabling you the highest level of security!


Samsung and other Android phones do not get updates as frequently because they have to resolve compatibility issues with their tracking features between each new update.

Google Pixel 6 Tech Features

Key Features


Google apps and services are not installed by default, but can be used as regular sandboxed apps through our sandboxed Google Play feature.

Users decide if they want to use those apps and which profiles they want to use it in.

Google Pixel Apps UI 2
Multiple profiles

Endless personas. A single swipe up gesture allows you to toggle between profiles. Create and save up to 32 unique user profiles. (31 users + 1 Guest User)

Private screenshots

Automatically disables the inclusion of sensitive metadata in screenshots.  EXIF tag examples include the local date, time, location, OS build/version information.

Google Pixel Apps UI 1
PIN Scrambling
PIN Scrambling

Enable PIN scrambling to make it hard for others to memorize the PIN being entered.

Improved Sandboxing

Each app installed on the phone are not linked or can be tracked by other apps. So is the web browser. In fact the whole Operating System is like a Virtual Machine Environment. Isolation is good.

Google Pixel Apps UI 1
Wifi Privacy
WiFi Privacy

Your phone's MAC address is randomized, changing each time it connects to a network, so it always appears as a new device, keeping your identity safe.

USB Data Transfer Disabled

No access means no access. Toggle on/off USB data connection when the screen is locked/unlocked based on your preferences.

USB Connector

If you feel that the above features are not enough..
Wait.. there's more!


Hacking/forensics/recovery tools doesn’t work on this device. Your data is safe even if your lose your phone or if its taken from you without your permission.

Prevents Zero-Day Attacks

Attack surface is greatly reduced. Removing unnecessary code or exposed attack surfaces eliminates many vulnerabilities completely.

Network permission toggle

On a per-profile basis, the Network permission toggle allows/disallows both direct and indirect access to any available networks.

LTE-only mode

LTE-only mode reduces cellular radio attack surface by disabling enormous amounts of both legacy code (2G, 3G) and bleeding edge code (5G).

Sensors permission toggle

Disallow access to all sensors (Camera, Microphone, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope,  barometer, thermometer). 

Storage Scopes

A fully compatible alternative to the standard Android storage permissions. Users can grant the requested permissions in a highly restricted mode.

Broad carrier support

Supports much broader carriers than AOSP. We convert their APN, carrier configuration, MMS and visual voicemail databases to the formats used by AOSP.

Closed device identifier leaks

Fixed several prominent device identifier leaks bypassing Android’s intention of apps not being able to uniquely identify a device. 

Supports longer passwords

Supports setting longer passwords by default: 64 characters instead of 16 characters.

Auto reboot

Option to enable automatically rebooting the device when no profile has been unlocked for the configured time period.

More secure fingerprint unlock

Enhance fingerprint unlock feature only permits 5 total attempts rather than implementing a 30 second delay.

No SIM card needed

Using a SIM card gives away your location. Connect to a hotspot or WiFi without compromising functionality.

End session

Logging out makes profiles inactive so none of the apps installed in them can run.

Disabling app installation

Install the apps you want to be usable in a secondary user and then disable the ability to install more apps as that user in the Owner profile.

Notification forwarding

Forwarding notifications from other user profiles running in the background can be enabled to send to the currently active user so no messages are missed.

Vanadium: Hardened WebView and default browser

Vanadium browser is our default browser. Vanadium is a hardened variant of Chromium providing enhanced privacy and security.

Supports multiple eSIM

Connect multiple eSIMs for each of the 32 profiles! But to prevent cell tower triangulation, SIMs of any kind are not recommended.

PDF Viewer

Our PDF Viewer is sandboxed, hardened PDF viewer using HiDPI rendering with pinch to zoom, text selection, etc.

Encrypted backups

Encrypted backups via integration of the Seedvault app with support for local backups and any cloud storage provider with a storage provider app.

Location data access indicator

Enable the privacy indicator for location data access in addition to the standard Android camera and microphone indicators.

User installed apps can be disabled

Supports disabling user installed apps instead of only being able to disable system apps.

Bug Bounty Reward

We are offering a cash reward!

Hack the AntiHACK phone and be rewarded with $10,000 USD*

*Terms & Conditions Apply. The AntiHACK phone must be purchased directly from us, and a Proof-of-Concept (POC) video or clear documentation must be submitted to claim the reward.

Case Studies / Use Cases

Stolen Phone

American rapper Trina had her phone stolen, with personal pictures snapped on the device, including nude images, leaked online. Experts warn to think twice before taking private images on mobile devices, which can easily be lost and subject to strangers digging into your private material.

Device Repair

Hong Kong Actor Edison Chen’s photo scandal with other female celebrities was global news. The intimate photos were uploaded into his laptop from his phone, and discovered by repair technicians when he sent it for repair, even though the photos were supposedly deleted prior.

Mobile Spyware

The private phone data of hundreds of thousands of people are at risk. Call records, text messages, photos, browsing history, precise geolocations and call recordings can be pulled from a person’s phone because of a security issue in widely used consumer-grade spyware.

Leaked 3rd Party Database

Third Party breached databases allow hackers to now know about you, making it easier to compromise your identity, gain access to your online accounts (e.g bank accounts), via identity fraud, SIM swapping/jacking or SS7 Vulnerability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need a highly secured phone to protect sensitive businesses or discuss/store classified information? This phone is exactly what you’re looking for!

Our new and improved encrypted Operating System, makes it impossible for anyone to access the phone’s contents other than yourself.

Yes, we ship worldwide, but the buyer is responsible for the shipping fees.
Once we know your delivery address, we will be able to quote you the shipping fees.

On a case-by-case basis, we are able to offer a discount based on the number of sets purchased per order.

Please contact our sales team for more details.

Professionals, Politicians  and Employees who frequently handle highly classified information or simply value their privacy use this phone to prevent any external forces or 3rd party spyware from hacking their information.

In another scenario, we have multi-millionaire Playboys who have just too many girlfriends to keep up with. They use our phone purely for the 32 different accounts that you can switch into at any given point in time. Never mix up a girls name or send a text to the wrong recipient again. Pun intended!

Yes, we welcome all resellerships and partnerships.

We are finalizing the details before releasing more details soon.

Order your AntiHACK phone now!

Resellers & Partners are welcome

Google Pixel 6 Models

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