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Delivery Parcel Phishing Scams are Back; 454 People Fleeced of At Least $675,000 since January

Delivery Parcel Phishing Scams are Back; 454 People Fleeced of At Least $675,000 since January

SINGAPORE- A phishing scam linked to the delivery of parcels has re-emerged and there have been at least 454 victims since January this year, with total losses amounting to at least $675,000.

The police said in a release on Monday (June 27) that victims would receive e-mails or text messages with a link, where they would purportedly be able to view information regarding their parcel deliveries.

Those who click on the link would instead be led to fraudulent websites requesting for their credit card or debit card details and One-Time Passwords (OTPs).

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“Victims would only realise that they had been scammed when they discovered unauthorised transactions made to their credit or debit cards,” said the police in the release.

Members of the public are advised not to click on any links in unsolicited e-mails and text messages, and to verify the authenticity of the information with the official website or sources.

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They are also advised not to disclose personal or internet banking details to anyone, and to report any fraudulent credit or debit card charges to their bank and cancel their cards immediately.

Those who have information related to such crimes can call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000, or submit it to the police online here.



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