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Windows Terminal is Now the Default Terminal in Windows 11 Dev Builds

Windows Terminal is Now the Default Terminal in Windows 11 Dev Builds

Microsoft has finally made Windows Terminal the default terminal in Windows 11 Insider ‘Dev’ preview builds, bringing a new modern interface for all your command-line programs.

In Windows 10 and Windows 11, opening a console program would cause the operating system to launch the program in a console window using the ‘cmd.exe’ command-line interpreter. Similarly, PowerShell would open in its own command line interface for executing commands.

In 2019, Microsoft began developing ‘Windows Terminal,’ a modern console that allows you to launch different command-line interpreters within a single tabbed interface.

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Windows Terminal running in Windows 10
Windows Terminal running in Windows 10

In both Windows 10 Insider builds and Windows 11, Microsoft has already integrated support for Windows Terminal into the operating system, letting you select it as your default console terminal.

However, Microsoft had previously said they plan to make Windows Terminal the default console for everyone in 2022.

“Over the course of 2022, we are planning to make Windows Terminal the default experience on Windows 11 devices,” Windows Terminal Program Manager Kayla Cinnamon said.

Now the default console in Dev preview builds

Today, Microsoft has released Windows 11 ‘Dev’ preview build 25188 and finally brings those plans to fruition, as in this build, Windows Terminal is now the default console when launching a command-line application or PowerShell script.

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“Windows Terminal is now the default terminal in Windows 11. This means, all command line applications will open in Windows Terminal automatically (Command Prompt and PowerShell, for example),” Microsoft announced today.

For this change to occur, users must have Windows Terminal 1.15 or later installed, and in our tests, have opened the program at least once. Once set as the default terminal, any console programs will now automatically launch within Windows Terminal.

This setting can be changed by going into Settings > Privacy & security > For developers and changing the ‘Terminal’ setting, which will now be set to ‘Let Windows decide.’



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