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        • Secure your network against various threat points. VA starts at only S$1,000, while VAPT starts at S$3,000. With Price Beat Guarantee!

        • API Penetration Testing
        • Secure your application’s future with our API Penetration Test, designed to identify vulnerabilities and protect your data through real-world attack simulations.

        • Network Penetration Testing
        • Boost your network’s security with our Network Penetration Testing service, where we simulate cyber-attacks to uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

        • Mobile Penetration Testing
        • Identify and address security vulnerabilities in your mobile app through simulated cyber-attacks, ensuring the safety of user data and seamless functionality.

        • Web Penetration Testing
        • Discover and mitigate security risks in your web application through simulated cyber-attacks, fortifying your online presence against potential threats.


        • OTHERS

PancakeSwap Clone Script
White Label PancakeSwap Clone Script
White Label PancakeSwap Clone Script

Farms Liquidity Pools

Tap on existing liquidity pools, so you can get up to speed quicker by eliminating the need to build liquidity and userbase up from scratch.

White Label PancakeSwap Clone Script


Allows you to create single asset staking pools which reward your users in your native token or any token you wish. Great for partnerships and collaborations between other farms or even networks!

Fork Any Existing DEX or Yield Farm

Fork any existing DeFi offerings today, and proceed to adding your own spin to things. From complete UI overhauls to additional custom functionalities.

We cover every aspect from advisory, to tokenomics, development, UI - the whole nine yards. We will help to translate your idea into the next big all-rounded DeFi platform.

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Features of Your Own DeFi Fork

You can take efficient and effective ideas already implemented out there, mix and match it all to your specific needs.

Features of Pancake Swap Clone Script

Automated Market Maker

Create your own DEX on any network. Standard PancakeSwap fork is just the beginning. Create your own DEX with farms, and contribute to the immense amount of liquidity pools available in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche.

Features of Pancake Swap Clone Script

Yield Farms

Allow your userbase to not only contribute liquidity and partake in low gas fee exchanges on your DEX, but also allow them to stake that liquidity to further boost the liquidity and promote healthy markets.

Features of Pancake Swap Clone Script


Have partnerships you want to help grow? Create staking pools which allow your users to have early access to up and coming projects that will certainly make a mark in the DeFi space today. Stake your native tokens, earn your partners! It's that simple.

Features of Pancake Swap Clone Script

Lottery and Games

Gaming is not to be ignored. Lotteries and other games utilizing your native token can be developed to suit your needs. From lotteries, to dice rolls, to spin the wheels, you name it, we'll create it and integrate it with your platform.

Features of Pancake Swap Clone Script

NFT Market Places

NFTs are up and coming. We have developed and launched NFT auction platforms as well as marketplaces. For you to give easy access to NFTs to your users, it's a definite value-add to your yield farm ecosystem.

Features of Pancake Swap Clone Script


Support other platforms in the space by allowing them to distribute their tokens to your userbase and expose them to other platforms and diversify.

PancakeSwap Clone
PancakeSwap Clone

Non-Fungible Token Marketplace

PancakeSwap Clone extends an exclusive Marketplace for NFTs.

PancakeSwap Clone

Non-Fungible Token Marketplace

PancakeSwap Clone extends an exclusive Marketplace for NFTs.

Areas of Expertise

Sought the help of a prominent Decentralized Finance Development Company the Maticz to build the best in the market DEX like the PancakeSwap.

Blockchain advisory. Launching on different chains present different challenges, and with our experience, we are able to advise you on which blockchain you can use, their pros and cons, and what entails. You will have a clear idea of what can work, what can not. All things tech. Rest assured that we are able to provide development for projects beyond just blockchain. We have experience in centralized and decentralized token sale platforms, auction platforms. We are builders. Blockchain marketing. We have what it takes to not only build, but also provide you the service of marketing your project to relevant media and audiences. This includes writing of articles, to posting and promoting your articles in traditional as well as crypto-centric media outlets. Smart Contract Audits. We provide smart contract audit services that sit outside of our smart contract developer's scope. What this means is that smart contract audits we provide are safe, secure and unbiased as they are focused mainly on strucutral and functional competencies as well as vectors beyond code. Can your smart contracts be exploited? How can they be exploited? We give you the full run down.

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PancakeSwap Clone Software
PancakeSwap Clone Software

Initial Farm Offering

The Initial Farm Offering brings tokens directly to listing through the AMM attributes.

PancakeSwap Clone Software

Lottery Scheme

The Lottery schemes aid the users with endless benefits making use of the Lotteries as the units of transactions.

Why Choose Us As Your Developer?

We are a business which provides services in the blockchain as well as traditional space. We have a reputation built on providing consultancy as well as tech development for multiple businesses. We deliver full, working products in a professional and efficient manner. We don't just deliver your platform. We provide impeccable service post launch. From advising and assisting with listing on necessary platforms, to engagement with community, to maintenance or even expansion - we are with you every step of the way.

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Our Projects

Privacy Ninja DeFi Dev Team aims at delivering products with 100% Scalability ensuring the customer satisfaction to the fullest and promoting leveraged Return on Investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the complexity of the features that you want to integrate into your platform. However, from finalization of UI to deployment, our team commits to a 1-month working timeline.

Anyone! However, you must ensure that you have the required funds to develop the platform. Additionally, you must be clear about what you need, such as the technical aspects of the product and your business plan.

Ethereum (ERC20), Polygon (MATIC) or Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) are available for your selection, however we do recommend BSC due to its fast network speeds and affordable gas fees.

Yield Farming is earning new crypto assets by lending or staking existing crypto assets.

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