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Protect Yourself From The Risk Of Cyber Attacks & Data Breaches, And Avoid 5-7 Figure Fines & Lawsuits With Singapore’s Most Affordable & Reliable VAPT Services

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Why Work With Privacy Ninja?

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Look at our Track Record

More than 300+ Organisations, MNCs, SMEs and MCSTs engage us as their Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Large organisations like Marina Bay Holdings Group, Marché Restaurants, Curtin University, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies, Astons F&B Group, Civil Service Club Singapore trust us with their data protection.
Not one of these organisations we’re working with have suffered a data breach after engaging us as their DPO.

We’ve the Expert Team

We pride ourselves on being the best and most secure DPO in Singapore, but are also 100% committed to being the most affordable. Having a DPO and being PDPA compliant is MANDATORY in Singapore, and we don’t don’t believe businesses should be paying a premium just to remain compliant and avoid fines. If you find a price with another DPO service provider that’s cheaper than you can get from us, with the same or more comprehensive scope of work, we’ll perform a price match.

We’re the Most Affordable

Despite being the best in Singapore, we’re the most affordable. Unlike most of our competitors, our master DPO team is made up of privacy experts and cybersecurity specialists. On top of having the most comprehensive DPO scope of work, we provide cyber monitoring services like leaked passwords check, email spoofing and phishing attacks as part of our service at NO EXTRA COST if you sign up today. Many of the DPO service providers in Singapore come to us when their clients face cyber threats!

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We have assisted numerous companies to prepare proper and accurate reports to PDPC to minimise financial penalties.


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