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Andy Prakash & Dexter Ng

Classroom / Webinar (Due to COVID)

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What’s In It For Me

  • Learn the trade secrets of how private investigators gather information online using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT Singapore) techniques 
  • Discover the tools and methods that professionals leverage on to get the direct contact information of a decision maker for pre-sales
  • Learn how to gather information legally for due diligence purposes
  • Utilize the skillsets taught to perform security testing and identifying external threats in your organization


The course will provide you an in-depth knowledge of what Open Source Intelligence (Osint Singapore) is and how to leverage on publicly available information to gather information for various purposes. Trainees will learn the tools and methodologies on how to perform research discreetly while using covert accounts. 

Topics covered also include enhanced knowledge of utilizing social media, search engines, online databases and registries, and much more to achieve your data gathering objectives.  

The course will be conducted using lecture slides, pop quizzes, case studies and live step-by-step walk-through of certain software tools and methodologies that you can practice immediately after the training. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful course completion.

Course objectives:

Who Should Attend

The suitable students for this programme are likely to be:

  • Private Investigators (PI) who want to enhance their data gathering skill sets  
  • Sales and Pre-sales professionals to better identify and connect to the relevant decision maker 
  • Poly and University Students who want to improve their research skills
  • Compliance officers to perform due diligence on any individual or business entity 
  • Security professionals to improve their Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing services

Course Breakdown

  • Welcome to the New IntelTechniques Online Training
  • Announcements & Updates (11/29/2020)
  • Introduction & Overview
  • Using the Training Dashboard
  • Content Survey – Weigh in on the direction of the training
  • OSINT – Use Cases
  • OSINT Cheat Sheet (updated Sept. 2, 2020)
  • Setting Up Your Training Environment v.10.2020
  • Workstation Setup
  • Account Creation & Maintenance
  • Consolidated Documentation Templates
  • Windows Tips – (Video Scheduled for August)
  • Tab Management
  • Workflow Scenario
  • Case Notes Using OneNote v11.2020
  • Documentation & Reporting – 2019
  • Case Tracking – Cover Sheets
  • Video Capture
  • ShareX Screen Capture
  • Search Engines
  • Google Operators
  • Custom Tools – Removing Broken Sites
  • Custom Tools – Replacing A Site
  • Hardware Hotkeys – Streamdeck for OSINT
  • Real Names
  • Email Getting Started
  • Email Full Walkthrough
  • Customizing Tools – Email
  • Usernames
  • Updated Username Tool (beta version Aug 27 2020)
  • Phone Numbers
  • Telephone II – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • Gmail Query via Hangouts – Maps & Gallery
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Images & Reverse Image Search
  • OSINT Fast Video Capture Tools v.11.2020
  • Streaming Video Capture
  • Installing Youtube-DL & FFMpeg (Mac, Win, & Linux)
  • Videos – YouTube (Scheduled for replacement Fall 2020)
  • Document Search
  • Businesses & LinkedIn
  • Maps – Sites & Resources
  • Maps – Walkthrough Tracking a Name to an Address
  • Setting Up a Command Center
  • Threat Assessments – Events (2019)
  • Keyword & Vernacular Workbook
  • TikTok
  • Tinder and Location Spoofing
  • Running Linux on Windows 10 (WSL)
  • Building Your Custom OSINT VM v.11.2020
  • Custom VM – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • Android Emulators Nox – 2019
  • Usenet1 – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • Email Leaks VI – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • EmailsLeaks V -(Old techniques but good to know)
  • Usenet2 – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • Usenet3 – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • Data Special K – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • Data LinkedIn – (Old techniques but good to know)
  • Criminal Markets I – (2019)
  • Criminal Markets II – 2019
  • Virtual Currencies – (MB due for replacement Fall 2020)
  • PowerShell – Basic Scripting
  • Bash – Basic Directory & Template Script
  • Batch Files v9.2020
  • Writing Policy
  • Finding a Career v.9.2020
  • OSINT Experts Worth Following
  • Privacy Checklist – Fall 2020
  • 10-Day Security v.10.2020
  • VPN v.11.2020
  • Veracrypt Encrypted Containers
  • Password Managers – Bitwarden
  • Security – iOS 14 Changes v.9.2020
  • Disinformation Tactics v10.2020
  • Purchasing Domains Privately v.11.2020
  • Segmented Networks – Making a Plan v.11.2020
  • Physical Security at Home v.11.2020

Trainer Profile


Andy Prakash​

Andy Prakash co-founded, Singapore’s first bug bounty platform, working with the top community of white hat hackers to identify and report vulnerabilities in businesses’ websites, mobile applications and systems. As the Chief Information Officer, he has given speeches and conducted masterclasses for ACE startups, co-working spaces, Echelon by e27 (2019), Chamber of Commerce and even Interpol 2019. He has since exited the cybersecurity startup for an undisclosed sum and now focuses on Data Privacy Consultancy and PDPA training. He is the designated DPO for numerous companies in Singapore and handles Data Privacy matters on a day to day basis. He has also been featured on numerous media outlets like Channel News Asia, Channel 8 and Berita Harian, on cyber security and its various associated topics.


Dexter Ng

Dexter Ng is an experienced professional in the field of IT and Cybersecurity. He is the Founder of Antihack.Me and CTO of Privacy Ninja. He has more than 10+ years working with start-up companies with leading edge ideas and technologies; technical development, business consulting, project management and data protection. He created the first cybersecurity insurance bundle together with Data Protection Solution in Singapore. He is also a cybersecurity and Data Protection speaker at Google Event, Singapore’s Government SMART NATION Event, CEBIT 2018, Mindef Maritime defence, Echelon (e27) and many more. He has been featured on Channel News Asia, MoneyFM 89.3 Radio, Business Times, Straits Times, AsiaOne , Newpaper, Edge magazine and also Hardwarezone Magazine on cybersecurity. He was featured in a Channel News Asia cybersecurity documentary recently. Some key clients: Temasek Club, NETS, SPIZE,, Club21, Starhub, NTUC (Nebo), Health Promotional Board, Marlboro, Gelato Ice Cream, Bali Thai, Katrina Holdings, Hotel 81, Vhotel.

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