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Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT Singapore)

When Requested

16 Hours
2 Days (w/ 1 HR break)

Andy Prakash, Dexter Ng, Syahrein Ritzwan

Classroom / Live Webinar

$2000 USD
(Per Individual)

Bank TT, Cheque, Credit Card

Customized OSINT Training Available

Most of the government organizations, authorities and private organizations that we conduct training for are customized to fit their internal requirements

What’s In It For Me

  • Learn the trade secrets of how private investigators gather information online using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT Singapore) techniques
  • Discover the tools and methods that professionals leverage on to get the direct contact information of a decision maker for pre-sales
  • Learn how to gather information legally for due diligence purposes
  • Utilize the skillsets taught to perform security testing and identifying external threats in your organization


The course will provide you an in-depth knowledge of what Open Source Intelligence (OSINT Singapore) is and how to leverage on publicly available information to gather information for various purposes. Trainees will learn the tools and methodologies on how to perform research discreetly while using covert accounts.

Topics covered also include enhanced knowledge of utilizing social media, search engines, online databases and registries, and much more to achieve your data gathering objectives.

The course will be conducted using lecture slides, pop quizzes, case studies and live step-by-step walk-through of certain software tools and methodologies that you can practice immediately after the training. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful course completion.

Course objectives:

Who Should Attend

The suitable students for this programme are likely to be:
  • Private Investigators (PI) who want to enhance their data gathering skill sets
  • Sales and Pre-sales professionals to better identify and connect to the relevant decision maker
  • Poly and University Students who want to improve their research skills
  • Compliance officers to perform due diligence on any individual or business entity
  • Security professionals to improve their Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing services
  • Law Enforcement Officers

Course Breakdown
Here is the list of the material covered in the training. This can be used as a reference for your employer's request for a summary or justification. It can also be used to demonstrate your training and qualifications in court.

  1. Ethics, privacy, and laws when conducting investigations on the internet
  2. Securing and optimizing your workstation for investigations
  3. Appropriate gathering and documenting of data
  4. Searching multiple search engines at once using advanced queries
  5. Retrieving cached information from restricted sources
  6. Using online translation tools to aid in searches and decoding foreign text
  7. Investigating personal Facebook profiles and uncovering associations
  8. Analyzing & locating Facebook videos and live streams
  9. Procedures for preserving and reporting data gathered from Facebook
  10. Examining a target’s Twitter profile and capturing related media
  11. Finding deleted content and live feeds on Twitter
  12. Investigating links between phone numbers and social networks
  13. Analyzing Instagram profiles for hidden/private information
  14. Locating social media accounts using a target’s real name
  15. Discovering social media accounts associated with email addresses
  16. Searching for all social media accounts used by a target username
  17. Accessing content that appears to be hidden on social media
  18. Locating other versions and details of a photograph through reverse image search
  19. Finding online videos related to the subject of investigation
  20. Locating additional copies and details of a video through reverse video search
  21. Overcoming common obstacles when searching on YouTube
  22. Overcoming common obstacles when searching on LinkedIn
  23. Identifying users of private phone numbers
  24. Viewing historical versions of websites
  25. Finding documents related to the target subject
  26. Viewing multiple satellite images of any location
  27. Locating personal addresses of individuals
  28. Obtaining Caller ID information from any landline or cell phone number
  29. Searching public file storage services for relevant data
  30. Investigating data breaches and leaked information and its use in investigations
  31. Exploring criminal activities on the open web and darknet
  • Greeting to the New Online Training Program 
  • Information and updates pertaining to the program 
  • Explanation and general summary of the program 
  • Navigating and utilizing the training dashboard 
  • Seeking feedback and opinions on the direction of the program through content survey 
  • Explanation of how OSINT techniques can be applied in real-world scenarios.
  • Quick reference guide for OSINT techniques
  • Guidance on preparing your work environment for the training
  • Advice on optimizing your workstation for investigations
  • Instructions for creating and managing accounts for various platforms
  • Standardized templates for documenting research
  • Tips and tricks for efficiently using a Windows operating system
  • Strategies for managing multiple browser tabs
  • Example of a workflow scenario
  • Example of taking case notes using OneNote
  • Guidance on documenting and reporting research findings -Tips and tricks for keeping track of multiple cases using cover sheets.
  • Procedures for recording videos during the OSINT process
  • Advice on using ShareX to capture screenshots during the OSINT process
  • Overview of commonly used search engines 
  • Explanation and use of advanced search operators on Google 
  • Techniques for eliminating non-functioning websites from search results 
  • Methods for replacing websites in search results 
  • Tips and tricks for using specialized hardware, such as the Streamdeck, to enhance the OSINT process.
  • Techniques for identifying an individual’s real name during the OSINT process
  • Advice on getting started with using email during the OSINT process
  • Comprehensive instructions for using email as an OSINT tool
  • Tips for customizing tools for gathering information from email
  • Methods for identifying usernames during the OSINT process
  • Updates to a specialized tool for identifying usernames
  • Methods for identifying phone numbers during the OSINT process
  • Information on older techniques for identifying phone numbers that are still relevant -Tips for querying Gmail accounts using Hangouts, including maps and gallery features.
  • Methods and strategies for using Twitter as an OSINT tool
  • Techniques for investigating Instagram accounts as part of OSINT process
  • Advice on using Facebook as an OSINT tool and strategies to gather information
  • Using OSINT Procedures for searching for and analyzing images
  • Advice on OSINT tools for quickly capturing videos
  • Techniques for recording streaming videos during the OSINT process 
  • Instructions for installing necessary software for capturing videos, such as Youtube-DL and FFMpeg on Mac, Windows and Linux 
  • Advice on using YouTube as an OSINT tool and strategies to gather information from videos on the platform
  • OSINT methods for searching and finding documents
  • Advice on using business directories and LinkedIn as OSINT tool 
  • Overview of the resources and websites that can be used to gather information from maps 
  • Instructions for using maps to track an individual’s location based on their name or address
  • Advice on setting up a command center for managing OSINT operations 
  • Procedures for conducting threat assessments in relation to events 
  • Guidance on creating a workbook for tracking keywords and industry-specific language.
  • Methods for researching and investigating internet domains as part of the OSINT process.
  • Strategies for using TikTok as an OSINT tool 
  • Advice on using Tinder and techniques for location spoofing
  • Guidance on running Linux operating system on Windows 10 using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 
  • Instructions for creating a custom virtual machine (VM) for OSINT 
  • Information on older techniques for creating custom VMs that are still relevant 
  • Advice on using Android emulators, specifically Nox
  • Information on older techniques for using Usenet as part of the OSINT process, which are still relevant 
  • Advice on using email leaks as part of the OSINT process, which are older techniques still relevant 
  • Tips for using Usenet as an OSINT tool, older techniques that still may be useful 
  • Techniques for using Usenet as an OSINT tool, older methods that could be relevant 
  • Strategies for using Usenet as an OSINT tool, older methods that may be still useful 
  • Advice on using specific tools, “Data Special K” as part of the OSINT process, which are older techniques still relevant 
  • Tips for using LinkedIn data as part of the OSINT process, older methods that may still be useful
  • Advice on investigating and gathering information from criminal markets as part of the OSINT process 
  • Methods for conducting research and analyzing information from criminal markets 
  • Information on virtual currencies and their usage in criminal markets
  • Advice on learning and utilizing basic scripting with PowerShell 
  • Instructions for creating basic scripts in Bash, such as navigating directories and creating templates 
  • Information on creating and using batch files as part of the OSINT process.
  • Guidance on writing policies related to OSINT processes 
  • Advice on finding career opportunities in the field of OSINT 
  • Information on notable experts in the field of OSINT who are worth following and learning from
  • Advice on creating a checklist for maintaining privacy 
  • Instructions for implementing a 10-day security plan 
  • Information on using virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Advice on utilizing Veracrypt for creating encrypted containers 
  • Information on using password managers, specifically Bitwarden 
  • Advice on securing your devices and account on iOS 14 
  • Guidance on understanding disinformation tactics and how to counter them 
  • Instructions on how to purchase domains privately 
  • Advice on creating segmented networks and making a plan for using them 
  • Guidance on implementing physical security measures in your home.

Trainer Profile

Andy Prakash - OSINT Practitioner & Trainer

Andy Prakash​ (

Andy Prakash is a recognized cybersecurity expert, an accomplished entrepreneur, and a thought leader in data protection, with a career spanning over two decades in the technology and information security sectors. He co-founded, the pioneering bug bounty platform in Singapore, which teams up with an elite community of ethical hackers to detect and report vulnerabilities in businesses' digital infrastructure. In his role as the Chief Information Officer, Andy has been instrumental in driving awareness about the criticality of cybersecurity. His influence extends beyond traditional business circles, demonstrated by his invitational speeches and free masterclasses delivered to diverse audiences, including ACE startups, co-working spaces, Chamber of Commerce, and Interpol World. His live hacking demonstrations at Echelon, NTU Alumni Club, and other platforms have shed light on the imminent dangers lurking in the cyber world. Identifying an industry-wide gap in data protection, Andy took the initiative to establish Privacy Ninja. As a comprehensive solution provider, Privacy Ninja offers PDPA Consultancy, training, audit, and outsourced DPO services. Andy personally serves as the designated Data Protection Officer (DPO) for a broad array of companies in Singapore, managing their day-to-day data protection issues. With a client portfolio of over 300 organizations including Marina Bay Holdings Group, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies, Curtin University, Marche Restaurant, Astons Group, Civil Service Club, OhMyHome, J&T Express, and others, Andy's data protection expertise is widely recognized and sought after. As a thought leader, Andy has been regularly featured in multiple high-profile media outlets such as Business Insider, Yahoo News, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, and Channel 8, Lian He Zao Bao, Channel 5 among others. His insights and opinions on data privacy, cybersecurity, scams, OSINT and related topics have informed and guided businesses and individuals alike. Andy’s passion for teaching, training and creating awareness was not newfound, and was shaped from as early as working as a tuition teacher in his early tertiary education days, an SAF Officer during his National Service and eventually into corporate training. Equipped with a robust track record in cybersecurity and data protection, Andy extended his expertise to OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) training. His vast experience and understanding of the cybersecurity landscape will prove invaluable in shaping the future OSINT professionals, enabling them to navigate the complexities of open-source intelligence in a cyber-centric world.

Dexter Ng - OSINT Practitioner & Trainer

Dexter Ng (

Dexter Ng is an experienced professional in the field of IT and Cybersecurity. He is the Founder of Antihack.Me and CTO of Privacy Ninja. He has more than 10+ years working with start-up companies with leading edge ideas and technologies; technical development, business consulting, project management and data protection. He created the first cybersecurity insurance bundle together with Data Protection Solution in Singapore. He is also a cybersecurity and Data Protection speaker at Google Event, Singapore’s Government SMART NATION Event, CEBIT 2018, Mindef Maritime defence, Echelon (e27) and many more. He has been featured on Channel News Asia, MoneyFM 89.3 Radio, Business Times, Straits Times, AsiaOne , Newpaper, Edge magazine and also Hardwarezone Magazine on cybersecurity. He was featured in a Channel News Asia cybersecurity documentary recently. Some key clients: Temasek Club, NETS, SPIZE,, Club21, Starhub, NTUC (Nebo), Health Promotional Board, Marlboro, Gelato Ice Cream, Bali Thai, Katrina Holdings, Hotel 81, Vhotel.

Syahrein Ritzwan - OSINT Python Trainer

Syahrein Ritzwan (

Syahrein Ritzwan is an accomplished Python trainer and data analyst with a robust background in various fields, complemented by his valuable experience in cybersecurity and data protection. Over his prolific career, he has honed a comprehensive skill set that includes Python programming, SQL, data wrangling, and data visualization using tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power Bi, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. Syahrein has also mastered various machine learning algorithms and is adept at curriculum development and student assessment in both online and physical classrooms. Syahrein holds several relevant certifications, including Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics Using Python, Data Analytics and Creating Interactive Dashboards Using Python, Analyzing and Visualizing Data With Power Bi, Data Visualization with Tableau, and Analyze Data With SQL. Currently, he holds dual roles as a Data Analyst at the Ministry of Health (Singapore) and a Python Consultant/Trainer at Privacy Ninja. At the Ministry of Health, he is responsible for data cleaning and validation, creating graphical representations of data using Excel, Power Bi, Matplotlib(Python) for reports. His role also involves providing insights and identifying trends to the data team, ensuring that the team is able to make informed decisions in the organization and identify potential problems and opportunities before they become major issues. As a Python Consultant/Trainer at Privacy Ninja, Syahrein designs and delivers engaging Python lessons that cover basics, control structures, list comprehensions, functions, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), web scraping, working with APIs, and data analysis and visualization. He utilizes various online platforms to facilitate remote learning and collaboration and is known for creating a positive and supportive learning environment. Syahrein's prior roles include a stint as a Data Analyst at Biomark Pte Ltd, where he worked with MYSQL databases, built and published Microsoft Power BI and Tableau Dashboards, and presented data-driven business insights. Throughout his career, Syahrein has demonstrated a unique ability to combine his technical skills with his teaching expertise to educate and inspire others in the field of Python programming and data analysis. His ability to communicate complex ideas clearly, coupled with his vast experience and understanding of the data and cybersecurity landscape, makes him an invaluable asset in any organization.

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