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Making a personal data protection related complaint against a business in Singapore? We are not the PDPC, but we can help these companies improve their processes and better safeguard your personal data.

Fill in the fields below. We will review your complaint and contact the company accordingly. Your complaint is fully anonymous, and no personal data will be collected or stored. Any correspondence between Privacy Ninja and the errant company is confidential and will not be disclosed.

Privacy Ninja does not endorse, confirm or agree with any complaint posted onto our website, and will on a best effort basis contact the relevant organization to offer assistance with their PDPA compliance. 

  • Company Name : P*****redacted**

    Complaint : Not yet confirmed.

    Date : 07-10-2022

  • Company Name : Hyperforger Pte Ltd

    Complaint : Test data exposed.

    Date : 07-10-2022

  • Company Name : PropNex

    Complaint : My number been leak and used for contacting to rent house when I didn’t initiate such action

    Date : 20-09-2022

  • Company Name : W

    Complaint :

    Date : 20-08-2022

  • Company Name : SAFRA National Service Association

    Complaint :

    Date : 15-08-2022

  • Company Name : SAFRA

    Complaint : SAFRA

    Date : 15-08-2022

  • Company Name : SAFRA

    Complaint :

    Date : 15-08-2022

  • Company Name : Self home Lebanon mo.

    Complaint : These hackers using your business to hack me and watch my 12 year old get naked taking showers and them videoing it and posting it on this sex trafficking site

    Date : 03-08-2022

  • Company Name : Chai Sunrise

    Complaint : Received an email today from this company and I did not sign up to their mailing list.

    Date : 01-08-2022

  • Company Name : French Bank

    Complaint : Hi. I have a form of contact in the bank as an IT Engineer. But I had being receiving call from internal employee and circulating my personal mobile number for IT services without my consent. Is this something about PDPA?

    Date : 16-07-2022

  • Company Name : getgo pte ltd

    Complaint :

    Date : 18-06-2022

  • Company Name : experian

    Complaint :

    Date : 18-06-2022

  • Company Name : Citibank

    Complaint :

    Date : 18-06-2022

  • Company Name : Angel from Propnex

    Complaint : Received text SMS from propnex, i've not subscribed to any of the mailing list

    Date : 02-06-2022

  • Company Name : Penny of Propnex

    Complaint : Not the first time receiving unsolicited Ads SMS from Propnex, and I’ve not subscribed to any of their mailing list. And my number is in the DNC list for all calls and SMS. Very irritating. They had better stop doing this

    Date : 08-05-2022

  • Company Name : M1

    Complaint : I'm an M1 customer and had previously opted out of marketing emails (they also acknowledge this but say they want to make sure I don't miss out). I tried to unsubscribe again but get an error message so I can't. I've been on FB chat with them but they just make it my problem to try to unsubscribe online even though I keep getting the error message. Again, even though they acknowledge I had already opted out before. Can I lodge a formal complaint and how? Their unsubscribe process is ridiculous, having to get an OTP etc, not just a one-click process.

    Date : 25-04-2022

  • Company Name : Dell Technologies

    Complaint : I have joined a Japanese MNC in 1998 and left the company in mid-2007. Till today, i have been receiving their marketing call for 15 years to attend webinar, promotion, new product launched etc. BEst thing is, they address me as another person (my successor in Japanese MNC). I have been telling them for 15 years that i am no longer working there but this still continue. They really have very poor pdpa practice as their customer records are not up to date.

    Date : 28-02-2022

  • Company Name : Propnex limited

    Complaint : They sent me marketing sms tho my number is on do not call list. They should check before sending, no?

    Date : 22-02-2022

  • Company Name : Ethoz group

    Complaint : Have you seen the news, it seems bad HR practices and pdpa compliance related.

    Date : 11-02-2022

  • Company Name : Non-consent Zoom Recording

    Complaint : Interested to find out how to take action against a vendor who Zoom recorded our business meeting without consent.

    Date : 31-01-2022

  • Company Name : DNC

    Complaint : How do I unsubscribe from a mailing list? It belongs to an employment agency.

    Date : 21-12-2021

  • Company Name : marks and Spencer plaza sing

    Complaint : There was a promoter prompting for download of the attached app in return for an additional 10% discount. There were also pull up banners. Upon downloading, it prompted for NRIC information and connected to Singpass and data such as cpf contribution and other information was reflected prompting for user to allow. Such information is highly confidential, why should a payment app be getting such information. Thing is, when a person downloads, he or she may not be reading too much and quickly allow access but it is not even right to be getting permission for such data. Do look into it.

    Date : 28-11-2021

  • Company Name : Pdpa act

    Complaint : Due to this COVID 19 case, I would like to check if bca officer ask for stuff photo consider under the pdpa act? Please advice

    Date : 09-09-2021


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