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Established in April 2018 by the founders of AntiHACK.me, Privacy Ninja prides itself for being rooted on more than a decade of secured IT development services, compliance expertise and corporate training. It was conceived to help companies become digitally resilient and prepared in response to the rise of cyber attacks in Singapore in recent years. They specialise in serving as outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) for SMEs in Singapore and in executing penetration testing services.

Besides the above, Privacy Ninja also covers extensive compliance- and cybersecurity-related services from A-Z, such as PDPA Consultancy & Training, PDPA Audit, and Data Protection Software, among others (check out the rest of their offerings in this website). The team continues to evolve in conjunction with the changing technological landscape; currently, they are upgrading their services by developing VR training modules to give their clients a more engaging and effective learning experience.

The founders, Andy Prakash (CEO) and Dexter Ng (CTO), have a decade of experience in the field of cybersecurity, granting them that vantage point on the crucial role that full PDPA compliance and good cybersecurity hygiene play in the business continuity of organisations.

Founders Andy Prakash and Dexter Ng

Our Vision

We started Privacy Ninja because we discovered that with regard to cybersecurity and data privacy compliance, SMEs seem to have very limited access to excellent yet affordable services. This is because a lot of cybersecurity companies have set their sights only on government organisations or MNC enterprises.

We believe that every organisation deserves to have access to excellent yet affordable cybersecurity and data protection services.

Our Mission

To make cybersecurity and data protection services affordable, reasonable, and attainable for all organisations, not only for the big boys.

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Client Oriented

Our goal is to make every client experience an enriching one — by under promising and over delivering, our clients’ satisfaction is assured.​

Professional Team

Because our team has over a decade of secured IT development services, compliance expertise & corporate training, our clients are in safe hands.


Affordable & Reliable Service

Our expert team members are trustworthy and our services are priced lower than other players in the industry, resulting in direct business referrals from our clients.

Mandatory Compliance

We ensure full PDPA compliance. Businesses can no longer turn a blind eye or put Personal Data Protection matters on the back burner since the enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Proven Track Record

Our portfolio speaks for itself. With an ever increasing clientele base, both from referrals and new connections, organisations trust Privacy Ninja to keep them secured and compliant.

Global Vision

With constant evolving technologies and digitalisation, Privacy Ninja understands the importance of Data Privacy. We aim to expand globally, with Singapore as our launchpad.

Trusted by more than 100 businesses

Whether you’re a big MNC, a local SME, or even a non-for-profit organization – we are happy to work with you

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