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        • Secure your network against various threat points. VA starts at only S$1,000, while VAPT starts at S$4,000. With Price Beat Guarantee!

        • API Penetration Testing
        • Enhance your digital security posture with our approach that identifies and addresses vulnerabilities within your API framework, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats targeting your digital interfaces.

        • On-Prem & Cloud Network Penetration Testing
        • Boost your network’s resilience with our assessment that uncovers security gaps, so you can strengthen your defences against sophisticated cyber threats targeting your network

        • Web Penetration Testing
        • Fortify your web presence with our specialised web app penetration testing service, designed to uncover and address vulnerabilities, ensuring your website stands resilient against online threats

        • Mobile Penetration Testing
        • Strengthen your mobile ecosystem’s resilience with our in-depth penetration testing service. From applications to underlying systems, we meticulously probe for vulnerabilities

        • Cyber Hygiene Training
        • Empower your team with essential cybersecurity knowledge, covering the latest vulnerabilities, best practices, and proactive defence strategies

        • Thick Client Penetration Testing
        • Elevate your application’s security with our thorough thick client penetration testing service. From standalone desktop applications to complex client-server systems, we meticulously probe for vulnerabilities to fortify your software against potential cyber threats.

        • Source Code Review
        • Ensure the integrity and security of your codebase with our comprehensive service, meticulously analysing code quality, identifying vulnerabilities, and optimising performance for various types of applications, scripts, plugins, and more

        • Email Spoofing Prevention
        • Check if your organisation’s email is vulnerable to hackers and put a stop to it. Receive your free test today!

        • Email Phishing Excercise
        • Strengthen your defense against email threats via simulated attacks that test and educate your team on spotting malicious emails, reducing breach risks and boosting security.

        • Cyber Essentials Bundle
        • Equip your organisation with essential cyber protection through our packages, featuring quarterly breached accounts monitoring, email phishing campaigns, cyber hygiene training, and more. LAUNCHING SOON.

Attn: Businesses with Over 20 Employees. Are your employees vigilant enough to not hand out free money or sensitive data to scammers?

Master the Art of Employee Vigilance: 

How Email Phishing Test Services Train Your Employees to Avoid Financial Losses and Data Breaches!

It is no longer a question of “if” but rather “when” email phishers target you.

email phishing

Businesses do their best in terms of cyber security, with VAPT, and data protection policies.

Yet, an innocent click on a deceptive phishing email by an unassuming employee could cost you a data bridge, lose money to scams or a 6 – 7 figure fine by PDPC.

You may have invested heavily in cyber security, but did you overlook the most common entry point for hackers? Email phishing attacks are on a dramatic rise in Singapore, costing businesses at least $5.62 million in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

Despite your fortified cyber bastion, the harsh reality remains – your employees, no matter how trustworthy, could unwittingly become the trojan horse that cyber criminals ride into your business.

$56.2M Lost to Business E-Mail Compromise Scams
in 2022 Q1 Alone!

$56.2M Lost to Business E-Mail Compromise Scams in 2022

Scammers Impersonate OCBC in Phishing Scam,
$13.7M Lost Overnight

Without proper awareness and security measures, scammers can impersonate trusted banks and suppliers to trick your employees, leading to unauthorised financial transactions and severe financial losses for your business.

Scammers Impersonate OCBC in Phishing Scam

Hackers Use a Spray And Pray Approach

They don’t need to target your company specifically. 

They send out mass phishing emails, and all it takes is one employee to take the bait, leading to financial losses, a data breach and a fine by PDPC.

And that’s why we’re offering 1 FREE email phishing test (worth $X) for the first 15 businesses that apply, to identify any loopholes among your employees and train them to better identify and report phishing attempts in the future.

Our Clients See a 50% Reduction in Employee Phishing Vulnerability After Just 3 Months of Simulation.

Through our simulated phishing attacks, 50% of our clients’ previously susceptible employees can now adeptly spot phishing attempts and resist the urge to click on average.

This dramatic improvement in vigilance not only enhances your cybersecurity but also solidifies your defence against potential financial and data breaches.

Test Your Employees' Vigilance Today with Updated, Relevant
and Real Emails from Brands that Hackers Impersonate. FREE.

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Affordability is one thing. A solid report is everything.

Get Comprehensive Monthly Insights and Strengthen Your Security Posture

Over 300 Organisations, MNCs, SMEs, MCSTs & Non-Profits Entrust Us with their DPO Role

(100% of them have never been fined for a data breach)

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Others VS Privacy Ninja

Real Brands vs Our Simulated Domains

Challenge Your Alertness

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Real-Time Phishing Simulations

Essentially a security awareness training program, our simulated phishing tests mirror real threats out there, catching your employees off guard and revealing how they would respond to an actual phishing attack.

Immediate Feedback

Employees who fall for the phishing attempt will be directed to an educative page explaining the red flags they missed.

Comprehensive Report

Post-exercise, receive a detailed report identifying which employees or departments are most susceptible, helping you target your training efforts where they are needed the most.

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