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The Data Protection Trustmark Certification is part of advancing Singapore’s digital economy as a trusted hub. To this end, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched the DPTM certification to help organisations demonstrate accountable and responsible data protection practices. This is where Privacy Ninja comes in - we equip you with knowledge to be DPTM certified.

It's not just about being compliant. Obtaining DPTM (Data Protection Trustmarks Certification) will strengthen your reputation, build trust among your network, and foster confidence for your business.

We believe that in the near future, DPTM Certified Companies will be the norm to provide services with the Singapore Government (e.g. tendering in Gebiz).


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Benefits of Being a DPTM (Data Protection Trustmarks) Certified Organisation

Demonstrate Data Protection Accountability

Through the DPTM (Data Protection Trustmarks), your organisation can now visibly communicate the soundness of your data protection policies and practices to your customers and stakeholders.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

In today’s data-driven digital economy, consumer trust is essential to deploy innovative technology that makes use of personal data to deliver more personalised services.

Provide Assurance to Your Organisation

Having third-party certification can provide assurance to your organisation because it helps to provide validation of your data protection practices.

Our Consulting Service Prepares You For DPTM Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Register appointed Data Protection Officer in ACRA BizFile+ ​
What kind of businesses should apply?

There is no specific business or industry sector that must apply for the DPTM certification. However, all companies are highly encouraged to do so, to demonstrate Data Protection accountability to stakeholders and increase competitive edge. DPTM Certified Companies would definitely have an edge over the other companies when bidding for government contracts.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer Service old
Is there any funding support available?

Yes! Singapore companies can apply up to 80% funding support under the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) offered by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), under standards adoption section to become a DPTM Certified Company. IMDA has also waived the application fee for SMEs and NPOs until December 31, 2020.

Data protection policies and Data Protection Management Programme (DPMP)
Is it difficult to be DPTM (Data Protection Trustmarks) certified?

In our experience, companies that have existing data protection culture at the workplace typically undergo a seamless transformation to be a DPTM (Data Protection Trustmarks) certified company. If you know that your organisation is lacking in many areas, the process will not be harder, just longer. This exercise will in fact enable your organisation to become PDPA compliant when you attain the DPTM (Data Protection Trustmarks) certification.

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How long does it take to be Data Protection Trustmarks certified?

The total duration depends on a few factors. If a company is applying for funding support under EDG, the consultancy project cannot commence until a Letter of Offer is presented by ESG, where the waiting time typically takes 4 to 8 weeks. The project duration itself varies across every company, depending on what is already implemented and remediating what is lacking. Companies should expect about six months thereabout to become a DPTM Certified Company.

Our Approach

Data Protection Trustmarks Certification Preparation

Trusted by hundreds of businesses.

What Our Clients Say

Being in the accounting & corporate secretarial business, we deal with alot of Personal Data on a day to day basis. From the audit and training conducted by the guys at privacy Ninja, we have learnt alot and will be happy to refer more clients.

Serin Tan Managing Director of Quals

Privacy Ninja provides affordable and high quality Data Protection services. I highly recommend any business seeking to improve your PDPA compliance or don't know where to start to speak to them as soon as possible.

Roger Siow Managed Services Provider

Privacy Ninja is knowledgeable and professional in what they do. Engaged them to conduct PDPA training for my staff and everyone greatly benefitted, I am safe to say we are much more aware and aligned to the PDPA's obligations.

Alvin Decruz Data Protection Officer

I attended Privacy Ninja’s PDPA training and was extremely impressed. Andy is a great trainer and was able to impart a lot of knowledge in just a short 4 hour course. I went from someone who had no regards for PDPA to someone who now sees the importance of data protection and knows what to do to be compliant. I strongly recommend all business owners to take PDPA seriously and talk to the Privacy Ninja team and see how they can keep you, your employees and your customers safe.

Caleb Sim CEO of GENIA


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