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        • Secure your network against various threat points. VA starts at only S$1,000, while VAPT starts at S$3,000. With Price Beat Guarantee!

        • API Penetration Testing
        • Secure your application’s future with our API Penetration Test, designed to identify vulnerabilities and protect your data through real-world attack simulations.

        • Network Penetration Testing
        • Boost your network’s security with our Network Penetration Testing service, where we simulate cyber-attacks to uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

        • Mobile Penetration Testing
        • Identify and address security vulnerabilities in your mobile app through simulated cyber-attacks, ensuring the safety of user data and seamless functionality.

        • Web Penetration Testing
        • Discover and mitigate security risks in your web application through simulated cyber-attacks, fortifying your online presence against potential threats.


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API Penetration Test Singapore

Protect Yourself From The Risk Of Cyber Attacks

& Data Breaches, And Avoid 5-7 Figure Fines & Lawsuits

With Singapore's Most Affordable & Reliable API Pen Testing Services


Why Work With Privacy Ninja?

Look at our track record

We founded Asia’s first bug bounty platform and have been keeping Organisations,  MNCs and SMEs all over the world safe from cyber attacks and data breaches.

Large organisations like A*Star Research, Marché, E27, MightyJaxx, AlphaWave, Wallex, The Law Society of Singapore trust us with their cyber security.

Not one of the companies we’re working with have suffered a data breach after engaging us. 

Our team is made up of the best penetration testers in the world

Our pentesters are hall of famers who have ethically hacked the most secure systems in the world like Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc.

As there’s nothing our pentesters haven’t seen, we complete our VAPT within 7 days of project commencement!

Despite being the best in Singapore, we’re the most affordable

We pride ourselves on being the best API pentesting provider in Singapore, but are also 100% committed to being the most affordable. 

If you find a price with another licensed penetration testing provider that’s cheaper than you can get from us, we’ll beat it by 10%.  

It is a requirement by law that pentesting is done by a Cyber Security Agency Singapore (CSA) licensed Penetration Testing firm and among those licensed, we’re the best and most affordable.

Our Double Guarantee

Price Beat Guarantee

10% Price Beat Guarantee

Annual VAPT is mandatory for all networks, mobile, and web apps that store personal data in data bases. We believe businesses shouldn't have to pay extra to stay compliant and avoid penalties. If you find a lower price with another licensed VAPT service provider, for the same scope of work or more, we'll beat their price by 10%. Terms & Conditions apply.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We're not only affordable, we're the best. All our clients who used our VAPT services have stayed safe from cyber threats. We're so sure of our services that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on top of the 10% price beat guarantee. We're the only company in Singapore that dares to offer this. If you suffer a data breach or hack after using our VAPT services, we'll refund you every cent you paid us. If we can't keep you safe, we don't deserve your money. Terms & Conditions apply.

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CNA AntiHACK Bug Bounty

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Channel 8

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Engaging Privacy Ninja for VAPT Pentest

Affordability is one thing. A solid report is everything.

Complete Your API Pentest With Privacy Ninja in 7 Days

Privacy Ninja VAPT report

After the VAPT exercise, you will gain access to all findings in a detailed report that includes:

  • Overall findings summary

  • Itemised replicable steps/POC (Proof-of-concept)

  • Explanations

  • Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) risk rating

  • Vulnerability impact

  • Practical recommendations for remediation

Other Agencies VS Privacy Ninja

Industries We Serve

Industries we serve

How We've Helped Our Clients Identify Security Vulnerabilities

Digital Marketing Agency

What we found:


  • Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a web vulnerability where malicious scripts are injected and stored in a web application’s database, subsequently executing in the browsers of unsuspecting users when they access affected pages, potentially leading to data theft or manipulation.

  • Broken Authorization is a security issue in web applications where inadequate access controls allow unauthorized users to access restricted resources or perform actions beyond their intended privileges, potentially leading to unauthorized data exposure or unauthorized operations.

Our Clients

Our Clients
Mighty Jaxx
ITMA services
Prime Heart Centre
Hamilton Capital
Ease Healthcare
Alphawave Tech
OneEmpower Pte Ltd

Client Testimonials

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🔴 Review tailored sample reports to know exactly what to expect, ensuring actionable and understandable insights.

🔴 Secure an unbeatable deal with our exclusive price beat guarantee, offering you top-quality assessments at the best price in the market.



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