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Annual Subscription includes

This process is required to help your business reduce financial crime. Especially by fulfilling your KYC due diligence screening obligations, with accurate and appropriate information.

We have been offering this service for half a decade, striving to help businesses meet regulatory obligations.

Solid intelligence

We apply the most rigorous guidelines for a proper research methodology. To implement a highest quality control to the entire process.

Professional Team

We've been in the business for over a decade. And yes, all our clients are in good hands when it comes to IT and compliance services.

Affordable & Reliable Service

It's not only about the trust and expertise, but it's also about the pricing. We know how to help you out, by keeping the same quality.

Mandatory Compliance

Your business needs to meet all compliances: and that's something we can do for you. Especially after the Personal Data Protection Art enforcement.

Proven Track Record

Yes, our expertise and previous projects speak by themselves. You can trust Privacy Ninja to keep you compliant all the time.

Global Vision

We are in constant and evolving technologies. Digitalization is extremely important, and we keep that in mind: in every detail.

Ready to start a new journey?

Designate a DPO

Manage your data protection responsibilities within the organization and guarantee compliance with the PDPA.

In-House Training

Train and implement the PPP formula: People, Processes & Policies. And everything necessary to meet the obligations under the PDPA.

On-Site Audit

Analyze data protection risks within your organization through regular internal audits.


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Personal Data Protection


We have assisted numerous companies to prepare proper and accurate reports to PDPC to minimise financial penalties.

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