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Remove your personal information from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other websites

Our Online removal services can help you remove negative content from the Internet without breaking the bank. Some of our content removal solutions include:

- Court Case Removal

- Online Mugshot Removal

- Arrest Record Removal

- Cheater Site Removal

- Revenge Site Removal

- Personal Data Removal

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Possible Scenarios

Court Cases

There may be instances where you are involved in a litigation matter and the court case report uploaded online.

Online Mugshot

Typically public databases that display arrest records and booking photographs in efforts to make the public wary of certain individuals.

PDPA onsite audit

Arrest Record

Having a arrest record that was made available online? These are usually not from the actual law enforcement authorities themselves.

Cheater Site

These kind of sites attempt to shame individuals that have been caught cheating. Your love life is private, and should be kept confidential.

vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Revenge Site

Not common, but there are cases that websites are created for the very purpose of enacting revenge for any matter or incident due to spiteful reasons.

Anywhere Else

Anywhere that displays your personal data without your prior and explicit consent would not be happening. Contact us to have them removed.


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Personal Data Protection


We have assisted numerous companies to prepare proper and accurate reports to PDPC to minimise financial penalties.
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