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For organisations, businesses, MCSTs, and Non-profits in Singapore that want to save time and resources on their PDPA compliance.

Appoint Privacy Ninja as your outsourced Data Protection Officer today. We will help you Quickly and Affordably comply with your PDPA and Data Protection obligations.

Our annual scope of work includes helping you draft robust data protection policies, handling your PDPA related queries, running weekly awareness updates for employees, conducting surprise onsite audits and more! Your HQ follows GDPR? We can help you implement them to your Singapore entity.


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Under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), all organisations in Singapore are mandated to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Non-compliance is a chargeable offence.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer Scope Of Work

What we do for our clients (annual coverage)

DPO Filing in ACRA Bizfile+

We'll guide you through the process of registering your appointed DPO in ACRA Bizfile+

Surprise Audits

Bi-annual company review/risk assessment on business processes and audit.

Data Protection Management Program (DPMP)

Develop data handling, retention policies and Data Protection Management Programme

Privacy Policy

Review of corporate website data collection and PDPA compliant Privacy Policy

DPO Group Email

Be part of DPO group email to answer any Data Protection related queries

Awareness Update

Weekly newsletter on the latest PDPA breaches and regulations

E-Learning Training

PDPC corporate e-learning with assessment tracking for employees

Ongoing DPO Support

Ongoing data protection support for specific business questions

Wait... There's More!

Leaked Passwords Check

Check if business emails have any leaked accounts and passwords on the deep/dark web

Email Phishing Campaign

Perform a random email phishing campaign to test employees' cyber awareness

24/7 Email Blacklist Monitoring

24/7 business email blacklist monitoring on SPAM / blacklist databases

24/7 Website Defacement Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of corporate website and alert management when we detect defacement

Email Spoofing Test

Perform an email spoofing vulnerability test on business domain

Our Certifications

DPO Practioner Certificate

Appointing a DPO is Mandatory in Singapore

All organisations, including sole proprietorships, are required to designate at least one person, a Data Protection Officer (DPO), to be responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with the PDPA.

Organisations are also required to ensure that at least one DPO’s business contact information is made available to the public. The business contact information may be a general telephone or email address of the organisation.

The DPO may be a person whose scope of work solely relates to data protection or a person in the organisation who takes on this role as one of his multiple responsibilities.

It has been seen from past enforcement cases that Organisations that failed to appoint a Data Protection Officer have had financial penalties ranging from $5000 to $20,000.

Our Approach


Trusted by hundreds of businesses

  • A data protection and PDPA expert is officially registered with ACRA to be your DPO.
  • Our experts are certified in the PDPA’s data protection obligations and value add with cybersecurity expertise
  • The outsourced DPO contact details are published on your organisation’s website and ACRA registry

Organisations are required to designate at least one individual, known as the data protection officer (DPO), to oversee the data protection responsibilities within the organisation and ensure compliance with the PDPA.

  • Bi-annual surprise audit to ensure employees handling personal data adhere to SOPs
  • Data protection expert support for specific business questions
  • Outsourced DPO as contact channel for data privacy queries and complaints from individuals or authorities.
  • Liaise with the PDPC to respond to new regulatory requirements.
  • Drafting of required data protection policies, agreements and procedures.
  • Review and definition of required data protection policies and procedures.
  • Integration of defined procedures into daily business routine.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), organisations are required to develop and implement policies and practices that are necessary to meet its obligations under the PDPA.

  • Creation of Data Inventory Maps (DIM)
  • Risk assessment and mitigation recommendations from quarterly audit results.
  • Develop organization’s data breach management plan
  • Corporate E-learning with assessment tracking for employees
  • Monthly emailer on latest PDPA breaches and regulations

Review your organisation’s data management framework and processes to align them with the PDPA, for example, determining how, when and where your organisation collects personal data, the purposes for the data collection, and ensuring that consent has been obtained for the collection, use and disclosure of the data. In the unlikely event of a data breach still happening, a systematic data breach management plan will be utilized.

Appointed by Over 250 Organizations

Whether you’re a big MNC, a local SME, or even a non-for-profit organization – we are happy to work with you

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We have assisted numerous companies to prepare proper and accurate reports to PDPC to minimise financial penalties.

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