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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking, is a simulated cyber attack where professional ethical hackers break into corporate networks to find vulnerabilities before threat actors do. Usually identified as flaws in operating systems, services and applications, these vulnerabilities may impact the efficacy of an organisation’s network defence mechanism negatively, resulting in undesirable consequences.

Privacy Ninja is a licensed pentesting service provider in Singapore, with CSRO License (Entity): License No. CS/PTS/C-2022-0128.

Price Beat Guarantee

PRIVACY NINJA’S PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE: Find a lower comparable quote and we’ll beat it by 10% - conditions apply*

The Privacy Ninja Price Beat Guarantee is part of our commitment to always offer you the lowest price we can. When you’re procuring VAPT quotes, if you find a price with another licensed penetration testing service provider that’s cheaper than you can get from us, we’ll beat it by 10%. Because we’d prefer you to experience our stellar service.

*Applicable to quotation/invoices offered by a local service provider

We Offer Three Pentesting Methods

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Black-box Testing

The penetration tester takes the role of an average hacker, with no knowledge of the target system. This type of pentesting determines the vulnerabilities in a system that are exploitable from outside the network. This method is the quickest to run, since the assignment length depends on the pentester’s skill to exploit external vulnerabilities.

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Gray-box Testing

One step up from black-box testing, gray-box testing provides a more focused and efficient assessment of a network’s security. Here, the pentester has the access and knowledge levels of a user, perhaps with elevated privileges on a system. Assessment efforts are focused on the systems with the greatest risk and value from the beginning.

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White-box Testing

White-box testing falls on the opposite side of the pentesting spectrum. That is, pentesters are given full access to source code, architecture documentation, and more. Although this is the most time-consuming method of penetration testing because of the huge amount of data that needs to be analysed, it also offers the most comprehensive assessment.

Our Pentesters' Certifications

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT)

CREST Certified Web Applications Tester (CCT App)

CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA)

CSRO License (Entity): Privacy Ninja Penetration Testing Service License No. CS/PTS/C-2022-0128

Starting A Pentest with Privacy Ninja Is Easy

Engaging Privacy Ninja for VAPT Pentest

You reach out to us

Fill up our contact form. Don’t forget to select relevant targets!

We touch base

We’ll email & call you to clarify and finalise the scope. Then we move discussions to WhatsApp.

We send you a quote

Send back the signed proposal whenever ready. Process 50% deposit so we can commence work.

Revalidation is on us!

Once ready, inform us and we’ll perform a revalidation exercise. FREE!

You perform remediations

Your DevOps / IT department performs remediation for the identified vulnerabilities. Take as long as you need.

Pentest exercise begins

We email the encrypted initial findings report, password is sent separately. You process balance payment.

What will you get?

Affordability is only one thing. A solid report is everything. After the VAPT exercise, all findings will be detailed in a final PDF report which includes an overall findings summary and itemised replicable steps/POC (Proof-of-concept), explanations, CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) risk rating, vulnerability impact, and practical recommendations for remediation.

Privacy Ninja VAPT report

Why Privacy Ninja?

Revalidation is on us
Revalidation is on us!

We will perform a free revalidation exercise and submit a final report. Many service providers charge extra for this as it is technically another round of VAPT exercise.

Experienced whitehats at your fingertips
Experienced whitehats at your fingertips

We have the best white hat hackers on Hall of Fames, and with quicker turnaround time and at a fraction of what the market is charging.

Industries We Serve

PSG Vendors
Fintech and Payment Gateways
Data, Storage, and Cloud Servers
AI & Analytical Software

Many Businesses Have Benefitted

Mighty Jaxx
ITMA services
supply ellie
Prime Heart Centre
Qrypt Technologies
Hamilton Capital
Ease Healthcare
Alphawave Tech
OneEmpower Pte Ltd

Client Testimonials

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing​

We answer your important questions

Hackers will capitalise and exploit on errors made from incorrect coding practices and misconfigurations. Having a third-party run a penetration test avoids conflict of interest situations, resulting in an unbiased outcome.​

You. Any entity that relies on IT should have their system security tested regularly and update their security features to prevent the negative effect of system downtime and malicious hacking.​

Penetration testing pinpoints directly to the weaknesses within an infrastructure (from human negligence to networking systems), providing you with an accurate diagnosis and permitting IT management and security experts to arrange remediation efforts.This helps organisations avoid data incidents that may put their reputation and reliability at stake.​

No, businesses need not worry as our pentesters will adhere to a specific code of conduct and scope of work. In the event that we are able to gain access to your admin console or databases, the pentest stops there for that particular attack vector, and a proof of concept replicating the steps will be submitted in the final VAPT report. We also prefer to work on staging environments.

Our team of trusted assessors will be conducting the pentesting on your systems, websites, and/or mobile apps. As mentioned elsewhere in our website, you can be assured that our pentesters will adhere to a specific code of conduct and scope of work. If you have additional enquiries pertaining to this question, please feel free to send us a message in the box provided on this page. Our best consultants will reach out to you at the soonest time possible.

This will depend on your organisation’s risk appetite. It goes without saying that pentests should be conducted any time: (a) security patches are applied, (b) significant changes are made to the infrastructure or network, (c) new infrastructure or web applications are added, and (d) the office location changes or an office is added to the network. That aside, we highly recommend that all organisations, regardless of their profile or value, have a penetration test at least annually.


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