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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 official console design

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 official console design


Great Shopee Sale 06 June 2020 – 07 July 2020

Sony has just officially unveiled their new PlayStation 5 console during their PS5 “The Future of Gaming” reveal event on Jun. 12, 2020 (Jun. 11 PDT).

PlayStation 5 reveal

Take a look below:

Photo via PlayStation Asia/FB
Photo via PlayStation Asia/FB

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PlayStation 5 price still unknown

While the price has not been revealed, it’s probably not going to come cheap.

According to a Bloomberg article, scarce components have pushed the manufacturing cost to roughly USD$450 (S$625.37) per console.

An estimation of the manufacturing cost by global information provider IHS Markit of the PS4, on the other hand, was around USD$381 (S$529.56).

According to Bloomberg, with the current unit cost, the PS5 may retail for at least US$470 (S$653.29).

However, that’s probably not going to stop fans from getting their hands on it.

PlayStation 4 was officially released on November 15, 2013, and its successor is expected to release at the end of this year, roughly seven years after PS4.

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