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Meta Mask Warns Users From New Phishing Attack

Meta Mask Warns Users From New Phishing Attack

Phishing is usually used to steal user data like our personal details, login credentials, credit card details, and many more, it’s a kind of social engineering attack. This type of new phishing attack, its asking Meta Mask users to seed all details in the phrase on a google document.

Met Mask, a big crypto wallet provided today tweeted today and revealed a new fraud & informed users of a new phishing bot attack that frequently attempts to ask and steal their seed phrases.

As per the Meta mask, the scam occurs as single and asking for your recovery passphrase,” but it’s a hoax, not to feed or share any data.

The new phishing help to guide users to an instant support portal, and just after it asking them to feed personal data in the form of Google Docs. Meta mask team management suggested users reach for support via the ”Get help” option in the MetaMask application itself.

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Numerous users across the globe complained about the fraud. Few of them showed their frustration on Twitter and raised concerns on how to get back their tokens. One of a tweet is given below-

‘” So I assume we cannot retrieve all our tokens right? I assume a lot of people have been robbed yesterday because of that…”

A tweet posted on Monday, May 3 from the MetaMask Twitter handle, warned users regarding some bot is attempting to direct users to a so-called “instant support” portal where they are prompted to enter information into a Google Docs form.

Just after this tweet many meta mask users start complaining about this new fraud and start raising questions like “So there is no way to get back our token right?”

MetaMask is one of the top trending and finest wallets available and due to its popularity, it’s always on target for hackers. Last week Meta mask record more than 5 million active users and achieved a new milestone. But with the increase in the total of MetaMask users comes the problem with the safety and security of users as it is hard to protect a number more than 5 million active users from hackers and spammers. And this is not the first attempt to scam people out of their crypto.

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