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DPIA example

DPIA example: Understanding the 6 phases of its life cycle

Conducting a DPIA ensures that the policies and procedures to be implemented comply with the obligations stated in the PDPA. With this, organisations in Singapore should see to it that whenever there are changes in the policies implemented or changes in general to the functions and services of the organisation, a DPIA must be first conducted to ensure that any possible loopholes or vulnerabilities are covered and acknowledged. 

best apps for online privacy

15 best apps for online privacy: Your ultimate guide

These best apps for online privacy could help you protect your personal data from bad actors lurking and waiting for you to let your guard down.

If you don’t want to subscribe to these apps that asks you monthly fees, you can also opt privacy phones, such as Privacy Ninja’s AntiHAck phone. This phone offers built-in protection so that you no longer have download apps for your online privacy.


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We have assisted numerous companies to prepare proper and accurate reports to PDPC to minimise financial penalties.


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