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4 Reasons Why You Need an Actively Scanning Antivirus Software

4 Reasons Why You Need an Actively Scanning Antivirus Software

Your data needs round-the-clock protection. The importance of actively scanning antivirus software cannot be far stressed
Your data needs round-the-clock protection. The importance of actively scanning antivirus software cannot be far stressed

One of the most notable events in the cybersecurity landscape is when the Blaster worm took IT professionals by surprise in 2013. Wreaking havoc worth of billions, it is one of the most devastating malwares that inspired the creation of multiple antivirus software in the past decade. Nowadays, the world is more aware that devices are susceptible to malware attacks 24/7. Hence the importance of actively scanning antivirus software cannot be far stressed. Here are 4 reasons why you need such.

1. Your personal data is always worth protecting

People in the digital era has been living their lives with fragments in their devices; from bank accounts details, family photos, passwords, usernames, address books, calendars, music, movies, and all other kinds of private documents.

These personal data are highly vulnerable to theft by experienced hackers or cybercriminals. Once they gain access to such through virus and other malwares, they are virtually unstoppable in causing real-world damage to your assets; withdrawing your funds from your bank using your credentials, for example.

Verily, having an antivirus software would help you stop these malwares before they can cause an irreparable damage. However, even if you have an antivirus, if it is not an actively scanning antivirus software, you might still face risks. Although you are afforded protection, you are still vulnerable to constant cyberthreats as these hackers can attack your system any time of the day.

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2. Viruses and Trojans can be deceitful

When some people argue that it only takes common sense to stop getting infected, they could not be more wrong. Although some practices such as avoiding suspicious websites, refusing to download sketchy attachments, or not opening spam e-mails, can decrease your risks, it is in no way fool proof.

Viruses and Trojans can be impressively well-crafted by cybercriminals to be appearing as legitimate programs or documents that can make you push that “Download” button.

With an antivirus program, you are given with a second layer of cybersecurity protection from deceitful malware. Although common sense can go a long way, remember that an antivirus software is specifically designed to catch these hidden threats, and thus can serve its purpose if active around-the-clock, 24/7.

3. Effectively block spams and ads

Research have shown that the most common entry point of virus to your computer is through pop up ads and malicious websites. These are relatively more prone to user interaction especially if designed to be catchy and attractive. It might be tricky to stop the entry of malwares if you have a dormant antivirus program.

Actively scanning antivirus software would prompt you to be wary on any suspicious pop up or ads whenever you make contact with them. As such, you can rest easy that the websites you use and content you interact with are of little to no threat to your system.

Avoid future expenses by having your device protected with a good quality antivirus software
Avoid future expenses by having your device protected with a good quality antivirus software

4. Avoid future repair costs

If your computer or operating system is severely damaged by an infection, buying a new one can be quite expensive. Plus, imagine all the lost data that you have to forego just because of a problem which could have been easily prevented.

Investing in a good quality antivirus and security software is comparable to buying an insurance policy for your device and personal private data. It is one of the most practical decisions you have to make to avoid incurring more expenses in the future.

Although there are free antivirus program marketed online, it is advised that you invest on paid good quality actively scanning antivirus software. These are those which is guaranteed to run in the background and thus most likely to catch intruders and protect your computer as you use it.

In the digital era, almost everyone knows the prime importance of having an antivirus program. In fact, you rarely see a computer nowadays which isn’t using something of some sort. However, having an antivirus which is in constant vigilance against suspicious files, ads, emails, attachments, and malicious websites, is a different story.

As such, you should know of these top reasons on why you should invest on an actively scanning antivirus software today.

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Actively scanning antivirus software is an excellent addition to your organisation data protection efforts. This could help identify any anomalies present that poses a threat to your system.

Furthermore, conducting regular penetration testing could also help ensure that threat actors are at bay as it searches for available vulnerabilities present in your system for you to acknowledge before bad actors can exploit them. 



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