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PDPC new undertaking 2023: Nippon Express

PDPC new undertaking 2023
The PDPC new undertaking 2023 is here to serve as a case study for Singapore organisations

PDPC new undertaking 2023: Nippon Express Group

A new year, a new set of decisions and undertakings are upon us to look into to guide us in our cybersecurity compliance and path. All year round, these cases will pave the way for the organisations’ added security measures to keep bad actors at bay.

The PDPC new undertaking 2023 has been published on PDPC’s official website. For this month of January, one (1) case has been issued covering the undertaking given to Nippon Express after a malicious actor targeted it.

It should be noted that the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) aims to balance the organizations’ needs to use data for legitimate purposes with the protection of individuals’ personal information as it is tasked with administration and enforcement.

In doing so, the decisions conducted by PDPC are published on their website, which is open to all who want to read the latest data security standards set by the PDPC. With this, for the better observance of organizations with such standards, it is their duty to be kept updated with the latest PDPC incident and undertakings.

Let’s have a look at the PDPC new undertaking 2023 case with the latest cybersecurity updates to date.

This undertaking aims to ensure that organizations are aware of the latest advancements in cybersecurity and can take the necessary steps to protect the personal data they handle.

PDPC new undertaking 2023: Nippon Express

This month’s only decision involves Nippon Express’ undertaking by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC). On November 14, 2021, Nippon was targeted by a bad actor, which resulted in its several servers and endpoints being encrypted with an unknown ransomware variant.

Nippon centrally manages such servers, and at the time of the incident, the affected servers contained not only the personal data from the organisation itself but also the personal data of Nippon Express (South Asia & Oceania) Pte Ltd and NEX Global Engineering Pte Ltd.

With this, the personal data of 1,077 individuals were affected, including their names, addresses, telephone numbers, NRIC numbers, passport numbers, photographs, date of birth, health information, and financial information.

Upon investigation, it was found that Nippon Express lacked MFA for administrative and remote access to all systems; and inadequate security reviews to identify vulnerabilities within its infrastructure.

With this, Nippon Express implemented the following remedial actions:

(a) Implemented MFA for all administrative and remote access;
(b) Reviewed Active Directory accounts;
(c) Performed an external and internal vulnerability assessment;
(d) Ensured all software and operating systems were updated with patches;
(e) Ensured the usage of strong passwords;
(f) Implemented enterprise-grade anti-virus software;
(g) Implemented 3-2-1 backup rule; and
(h) Remove remote access tools.

After considering the facts of the case, including Nippon Express Group’s remedial actions to enhance its personal data protection procedures, the Commission accepted Nippon Express’s undertaking to strengthen its compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

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