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A Look at the Risk Assessment Form Singapore Government Requires

A Look At the Risk Assessment Form Singapore Government Requires

risk assessment form singapore
Responsible organisations must not only learn what constitutes the risk assessment form Singapore government requires, but must also adhere to it

Risk assessment, as the name suggests, is a key component of risk management. Organisations conduct this regularly to identify the source of risks. This test applies to all routine and non-routine operations.

Before delving further, what exactly is risk management of which risk assessment is a subset?

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore defines risk management as the process of identifying, evaluating and controlling risks at the workplace. In order to foster an accident-prevention culture, organisations must identify safety hazards at workplaces and take steps to mitigate the risks. The specific requirements of proper risk management are spelled out in accordance with the Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations.

Risk management involves the following steps:

  • Conducting risk assessments of work activities
  • Controlling and monitoring the risks of work activities
  • Communicating the risks to all stakeholders

In this article, we’ll focus on risk assessment, particularly the kind of risk assessment form Singapore authorities uphold.

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What Constitutes Risk Assessment Form Singapore

Carrying out risk assessments

Every employer, self-employed individual and principal (including contractor and sub-contractor) must carry out a risk assessment in relation to the safety and health hazards associated with any routine and non-routine work conducted in the workplace:

  • Routine operations – include preparatory and troubleshooting work.
  • Non-routine operations – include commissioning, repair, and maintenance of plants.

The risk assessment may be carried out by the employers, self-employed persons or principals themselves or they may opt to hire a risk management consultant to carry out the risk assessment.

In order to fulfill risk assessment, two things must be done:

  • Use risk assessment methods mandated by law which include 3 basic steps of hazard identification, risk evaluation, and risk control.
  • Select control measures based on the principles of Hierarchy of Control.
risk assessment form singapore

Forming your risk assessment team

Before conducting any risk assessment, a team comprising the following individuals should form your risk assessment team:

  • Contractors and suppliers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Management
  • Process or facility engineers
  • Production operators
  • Safety staff
  • Supervisors
  • Technical staff

Bear in mind that the designated team leader should be trained in risk assessment. Alternatively, if it’s more convenient for your organisation, you can opt to hire a trained and experienced safety consultant to help conduct the risk assessment.

Frequency of Risk Assessment Form Singapore

Ideally, the risk assessment must be reviewed or revised at least once every 3 years. Additionally, it must also be reviewed in the event of the following:

  • After an accident as a result of exposure to a hazard,
  • When there is significant revisions in work processes that could affect the safety and health of the workers, for instance, the introduction of new machinery or chemicals.

Keeping and maintaining risk assessment records

Organisations must record and maintain all risk assessments conducted in the workplace. The record must be maintained by the employer, self-employed individual or principal for at least 3 years.

The record should include:

  • the results or findings recorded in risk assessment forms,
  • risk control measures taken or to be taken,
  • any safe work procedures.

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Details in Risk Assessment Form Singapore

The risk assessment form Singapore authorities endorse includes the following important information:

  • Department conducting the risk assessment
  • Process and activity location
  • Important dates including original assessment date, last review date, etc.
  • Team members involved in the risk assessment
  • Identity and signature of whoever approved the assessment
  • Columns identifying: hazard identification, risk evaluation, and risk control

Organisations failing to comply with risk assessment could face serious legal consequences, with possible jail time and penalties ranging from S$10,000 up to $20,000.

Under the new framework for occupational safety and health in Singapore, one way to help reduce risks in the workplace is by making stakeholders accountable for managing the risks they create. In this context, risk assessment is a vital process in ensuring risk mitigation and reduction in the workplace.



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