Huawei Car Smart Screen Sold Out In Just 1 Minute

On December 21, 2020, Huawei has revealed the Huawei Car smart screen alongside the Huawei S series smart screen. It comes with an 8.9-inch ultra-clear (1920 x 720) resolution, 700 nits brightness, 72% NTSC color gamut, 2K driving camera, and more.

According to the information, the pre-booking of this device starts on 30 December at a discount price of 1599 yuan. Today, the first official sale of the Huawei Car smart screen started and it seems that just in 1 minute all the units are sold out.

Its sales made a new record and it is expected that it will be popular among peoples. If it is then this will be a good start for Huawei HiCar.

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Features: Huawei Car smart screen brings a reflection-free glass as well as support the cross-screen transfer of mobile applications (HiCar) also supports 30+ Chinese applications such as Baidu maps, Gaode maps, mainstream navigating apps, and others, pop-up selfie camera, rear camera, voice recognition as well as air gesture control and much more.

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