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        • Secure your network against various threat points. VA starts at only S$1,000, while VAPT starts at S$3,000. With Price Beat Guarantee!

        • API Penetration Testing
        • Secure your application’s future with our API Penetration Test, designed to identify vulnerabilities and protect your data through real-world attack simulations.

        • Network Penetration Testing
        • Boost your network’s security with our Network Penetration Testing service, where we simulate cyber-attacks to uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

        • Mobile Penetration Testing
        • Identify and address security vulnerabilities in your mobile app through simulated cyber-attacks, ensuring the safety of user data and seamless functionality.

        • Web Penetration Testing
        • Discover and mitigate security risks in your web application through simulated cyber-attacks, fortifying your online presence against potential threats.


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email impersonation

Email impersonation scams: What are the types and how to protect your business against them?

For the longest time, employees have been the constant target of bad actors simply because they have the level of access that could penetrate the organisation’s cybersecurity. This could be in the form of hacking for passwords, phishing, and, the most common, email impersonation scams. In this article, we defined what is an email impersonation, discussed its types, and explained how you protect your business against them.

phishing attacks

Yes, you can win against phishing attacks.

Phishing attacks have become a global problem that is seemingly an unbreakable trend, with hackers acting like vultures that are increasingly becoming sophisticated in how they scam people and exploit their vulnerabilities. Thankfully, there is a way to win against it and be safe from the looming risk that it accompanies.


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