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        • Secure your network against various threat points. VA starts at only S$1,000, while VAPT starts at S$3,000. With Price Beat Guarantee!

        • API Penetration Testing
        • Secure your application’s future with our API Penetration Test, designed to identify vulnerabilities and protect your data through real-world attack simulations.

        • Network Penetration Testing
        • Boost your network’s security with our Network Penetration Testing service, where we simulate cyber-attacks to uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

        • Mobile Penetration Testing
        • Identify and address security vulnerabilities in your mobile app through simulated cyber-attacks, ensuring the safety of user data and seamless functionality.

        • Web Penetration Testing
        • Discover and mitigate security risks in your web application through simulated cyber-attacks, fortifying your online presence against potential threats.


        • OTHERS


Privacy Ninja's Outsourced Chief Technology Officer will help create an achievable technical strategy for your company’s growth and success


Tap on our technical expertise to help you achieve your business goals

Dexter Ng

About CTO Dexter Ng: Dexter has 15 years of technical consulting experience working with tech startups and SMEs. He contributed to their growth with cutting-edge ideas and technologies and technical development, business consulting, and project management. Click here for more.

We will fulfill your digital requirements at different stages of your business growth. Whether you’re a young startup with technology at your core, or an SME or Enterprise seeking digital adoption, we will help you get onboarded quickly and affordably.

How your business can benefit from CTO-As-A-Service

Problems We Solve

Full-time CTOs Are Expensive

When you hire in-house, you will increase your burn rate and shorten your runway.

It’s Difficult to Find and Retain a Talented CTO

There’s a shortage of capable CTOs in the market.

Training a New CTO Takes Time & Money

You lose precious time, effort, and resources when you retrain or hire a CTO when your current CTO leaves

It’s Hard to Look for a Co-Founder Who’s Competent in Tech

It’s not easy to look for that perfect candidate with the technical knowhow to move your company into the tech age

Solutions We Offer

Help kick start an automation process

Build standalone solutions

Enhance existing solutions

Accelerate the building of your minimum viable product

Identify KPIs and create timelines and roadmaps

Work within your budget

Facilitate risk assessment and due diligence as part of your GTM strategy

We can provide manpower and developers. We can also assist in dev outsourcing

How an outsourced CTO can support your business

Reduce the complexities of technology adoption

For Startups

Whether you are newly funded or going lean, our CTO-as-a-Service ensures your growth is not disrupted. We offer our expertise on the best tech stack for an MVP, optimizing your team into the next expansion stage

For SMEs

Traditional businesses are also going digital. The process may be confusing or may hinder operations. Whatever technical gaps you need to fill, our CTOs have clear-cut skills to help you get started immediately.

CTO-As-A-Service Types You Can Harness

CTOs manage diverse responsibilities. Our customised service ensures you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated Hourly Consultation

Perhaps you just need a quick discussion to validate your roadmap. Tap on our expertise to get the answers you need quickly. Starts at $300 per hour.

Bespoke CTO-As-A-Service

Monthly and longer term engagements available. Let us know your requirements, timeline, and budget. We will work on a custom quote to achieve your goals.

We can fulfil any of the 4 CTO roles as per your organisation needs:

The Infrastructure Commander

We will work on the frontline to set up your technological vision. With a pre-approved strategy, we will oversee infrastructure, network, security, and maintenance.

The Big Thinker

We will craft your business model, doing the strategic jobs necessary for competitive analysis. We will forge strong relationships with your management and with those on lower levels, verifying that technologies have been fully implemented as agreed.

The Visionary

We will work with your organisation from its inception and will be responsible for devising technical strategies and blueprints of the business model. Our aim is to drive the business forward.

The Customer Champion

We have a deep understanding of your customers. We are responsible for delivering customer excellence in UI and UX. We will be the face of your business, focusing on problem solving.


How CTO-As-A-Service provides topnotch value to your business and projects (Video Coming Soon!)



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We have assisted numerous companies to prepare proper and accurate reports to PDPC to minimise financial penalties.


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