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        • Email Phishing Excercise
        • Strengthen your defense against email threats via simulated attacks that test and educate your team on spotting malicious emails, reducing breach risks and boosting security.

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In case you didn’t know, ISO 27001 requires penetration testing

To understand why ISO 27001 requires penetration testing, we must take a look at what it means to be ISO 27001 certified.

In case you didn’t know, ISO 27001 requires penetration testing

To understand why ISO 27001 requires penetration testing, we must take a look at what this certification means for your organisation and stakeholders.

In a recent study conducted in the US to analyse company reputation after a data breach, it was found that there is a significant dip in consumer perception following an organisation’s data breach incident. This sentiment is echoed in a study covering the Singapore market. While it is true that there is really no telling when a data breach might occur, it doesn’t negate the reality that when it does happen, consumer trust is put on the line. Not only that, but affected businesses may also find themselves slapped with a hefty fine, plus a significantly damaged brand reputation.

⚠️ Don’t let this happen to your business. Allow us to help your company find security vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. Check out our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and experience the Privacy Ninja difference. Get started today.

How does ISO 27001 fit into the narrative?

Before delving into the reasons why ISO 27001 requires penetration testing, let us first define what it is and why this certification is crucial for your business.

ISO 27001 is the prominent international standard focused on information security, published by the International Organisation for Standard (IOS) in partnership with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Both IOS and IEC are well-known international organisations that develop international standards.

It was developed to help organisations safeguard their data efficiently and cost-effectively via adopting an Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

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The ISO 27001 standard provides organisations with the relevant knowledge for safeguarding their information. The organisation can also get certified on this, which can elevate its trustworthiness, proving to its customers and partners that it protects their data.

Individuals, not just organisations, can also achieve ISO 27001 certification by joining a course and passing the exam. In this manner, they can prove their skills to potential employers.

⚠️ Privacy Ninja offers ISO 27001 readiness consultancy for organisations – from gap analysis to certification and beyond. Learn how you can leverage this end-to-end service and create a positive impact for your business. Check it out today.

iso 27001 requires penetration testing
ISO 27001 requires penetration testing because it’s effectivity is hinged on the safe and secure management of personal data and other sensitive information.

Why ISO 27001 requires penetration testing

Efficient penetration testing involves a controlled malicious attack against the security provisions under test, typically using a mixture of methods and tools, and is done by a certified, ethical professional tester. The findings furnish a basis upon which security provisions can be enhanced.

Penetration testing is a crucial component of any ISO 27001 ISMS, from initial development through to continuous maintenance and developing improvement.

Under ISO 27001 control objective A12.6 (Technical Vulnerability Management), it states that details about technical vulnerabilities of information systems being utilised shall be collected in a prompt manner, the organisation’s exposure to these vulnerabilities examined, and pertinent steps are taken to address the associated risk.

ISO 27001 requires penetration testing because the nature of information technology assets signifies they may have several technical weaknesses that could be taken advantage of by external attacks. Indiscriminate and automated attacks are aimed at recognizable weaknesses in hardware and software regardless of the organisation that has them. These weaknesses include un-patched software, weak passwords, poorly coded websites, and insecure applications.

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Penetration testing is a crucial component of any ISO 27001 ISMS, from initial development through to continuous maintenance and developing improvement.

The reasonable part at which you should execute a penetration test is once you have identified that assets that should be included in the ISMS scope. The results in the penetration test will help you identify weaknesses in detail, along with the threat that can exploit them, and will typically also identify relevant remedial action. The identified threats and weaknesses will then form a key input to your risk assessment, while the classified remedial action will inform your selection of controls.

⚠️ Because ISO 27001 requires penetration testing, Privacy Ninja has made it easier for you to achieve ISO 27001 certification and avail of penetration services in one place. Let our consultants help you today. Get started here for your ISO 27001 certification, and here for your penetration testing requirements.



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