By Attending This Event You Agree To Be Photographed

by attending this event you agree to be photographed
If you’re no stranger to events, then you’re no stranger to seeing this disclaimer, either: “by attending this event you agree to be photographed”

In this age of rapid digitalisation, the topic of consent and privacy are no longer just about one’s name or email address. Rather, it also extends to people’s identities getting filmed or photographed in meetings and events.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore, an image of an identifiable individual captured in a photograph or video recording is considered personal data about that individual.

Hence, if you’re no stranger to events, then you’re no stranger to seeing this disclaimer, either: “By attending this event you agree to be photographed”.

Additionally, if you are privacy-conscious and have always wondered how much privacy is allowed to guests at your event, then keep on reading as we explore this topic.

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Exceptions to the Rule

Under the PDPA, there are circumstances wherein you don’t need the consent of individuals even if they’ve been captured in your photographs.

These exceptions are listed and can be accessed in the PDPA website.

When Do You Need Consent?

Every time you take photos or video recordings of people at your event and you intend to publish or use those photographs, either electronically or in print, you must get consent from the people in those photographs or video recordings.

You will also need consent if you intend to use existing photographs of individuals as part of your event.

Serve a Notice: By Attending This Event You Agree to be Photographed

Imagine taking photographs of a sea of people attending a conference. Clearly, it’s impossible to go around getting consent from every person in the photograph. In this case, what you need to do is post a notice of filming and photography at the event. Here, you let people know that photographs or video recordings may be taken and that you give them the option of not being captured.

If the people concerned are not recognisable in the photograph, say, when the focus is on a main speaker and the crowd’s faces are lost in the blur, then you do not need to get their consent.

by attending this event you agree to be photographed

What Exactly is a Notice of Filming and Photography?

A notice of photography or crowd notice photo release is a statement that informs guests attending an event that photography and filming may take place. This notice can be displayed at a strategic location during an event, or on tickets, or the message can be conveyed to guests prior to the event.

What Else is Written in the Notice Besides “By Attending This Event You Agree to be Photographed”?

The notice can be as simple as a one-liner, or it may include other pertinent information, such as:

  • The scope of where the photographs or recordings may be used
  • The attendees agreeing to waive their rights to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with the possible use of their photographs
  • The attendees agreeing that they’ve been fully informed

Get Trained About Data Privacy Compliance: Ignorance of the Law Excuses No One

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Let us know how we can help you get started on your path to full PDPA compliance. To quote the famous line, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.”

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