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Microsoft Aims to Make Edge the Go-to Browser for Gaming

Microsoft Aims to Make Edge the Go-to Browser for Gaming

Microsoft wants to make Edge the go-to browser for gaming, with new features unveiled today, including a new gaming portal and the public release of its Clarity boost upscaling feature when using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Those using Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service to stream games to their PCs may have noticed a difference in graphics quality compared to playing the game on the console. This quality difference is caused by streaming the game from the cloud rather than playing it locally on a console.

In November, Microsoft introduced a new Clarity boost upscaling feature in Edge preview builds that increased the quality of graphics streamed to the browser. Today, Clarity Boost has been publicly released to all Microsoft Edge users.

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Demonstration of the Clarity boost feature
Demonstration of the Clarity boost feature
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft also unveiled a new ‘Gaming’ homepage experience to the Edge new tab page (NTP) that provides personalized news and content about the games you are interested in. Additionally, if you log in with your Xbox account, you will receive content related to the games you are playing and that are in your Xbox library.

This new experience is demonstrated in the YouTube video below.

As part of their announcement, Microsoft is also promoting its Edge Efficiency Mode feature that reduces browser resource utilization when playing games and its Edge gaming section that offers free light-weight games to play in the browser.

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The Efficiency mode and free games have already been included in Edge for some time.

Microsoft says the new gaming portal and Clarity boost will be available today in Edge. However, in BleepingComputer’s tests, the new features are not yet available, so please be patient while it’s rolled out to your region.



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