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PDPA Introductory Course (Webinar)


PDPA Introductory Course (Webinar)

PDPA Course

What’s In It For Me

  • You will gain an overview and understanding of the 9 core PDPA obligations
  • Learn on the legislative and regulatory requirements of PDPA
  • Learn tools to identify existing PDPA non-compliance at the workplace

Course Overview

The course will provide you with a good overview and understanding of the 9 core obligations and Do Not Call provisions under the PDPA. Areas covered in the training include key legislative and regulatory requirements and how you can do your part in your company to comply with the PDPA, as well as immediate implementable cyber hygiene practices at the workplace.

The course will be conducted using lecture slides, pop quizzes, case studies and a final e-learning assessment. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful course completion.

Who Should Attend
The suitable students for this programme are likely to be:

  • Individuals looking to upgrade their skills to value add to their companies, or training to become Data Protection Officers (DPOs)
  • Human Resource, Admin, IT personnel, Sales and Business Development Executive / Managers who need to be involved in data protection matters

Course Objectives

  • Overall understanding of the 9 obligations & DNC provisions
  • Ability to identify and review existing gaps and potential data breaches in the organization
  • Implementation of course knowledge and cyber hygiene practices in day to day operations

    Benefits of Certification

    • Gain recognition for your proactive initiative to help your organization achieve PDPA compliance
    • No specific education or work experience requirement for the certification

    Course Breakdown (Click on each module to expand topic coverage)

    • What is PDPA
    • Who needs to comply
    • Collection of NRIC
    • How Data Protection Provisions Apply
    • Data Controller
    • Data Intermediary
    • Data Owner
    • Information Lifecycle
    • Data Protection Officer
    • Policy, People, Processes  
    • Valid Consent
    • Deemed Consent
    • Right to Withdrawal
    • Exemptions
    • Publicly Available Data
    • Purpose Limitation Obligation
    • Notification Obligation
    • Accuracy Obligation
    • Protection Obligation
    • Administrative Measures
    • Physical Measures
    • Technical Measures
    • Retention Limitation Obligation
    • Ceasing to Retain Personal Data
    • Transfer Limitation Obligation
    • Requirements for Transfer of Data Overseas
    • Access Obligation
    • Processing a Access Request
    • When Not to Provide Access
    • Correction Obligation 
    • When Not to Provide Correction
    • Formalizing a Process  
    • Accountability Obligation
    • DPO Role & Responsibilities
    • Registering your DPO with PDPC
    • Do Not Call Provisions
    • Specific Message
    • Clear & Unambiguous Consent
    • Do Not Call Registry
    • Checking the DNC Registry
    • Sender of Specified Message
    • Requirements When Sending a Specified Message
    • Exemption Order in Brief
    • How Data Can Be Compromised
    • Measures
    • Access Controls
    • Devices
    • Networks
    • Websites
    • Why Secured Disposal is Important
    • Disposing Electronic Data
    • Securely Disposing Electronic Data
    • Securely Disposing Physical Copies of Data
    • Live Hacking Demonstration
    • Malicious Downloads
    • Recommended Browser Settings
    • 10 Fundamental Cyber Hygiene Practices
    • Dangers of “Free” Wifi Hotspots
    • Useful Links
    • Self Assessment Report
    • Highlighting Potential Gaps
    • Recommendations & Action Plan
    • Generating Data Protection Notices
    • Recent Local Data Breaches  

    Trainer Profile

    Andy Prakash co-founded, Singapore’s first bug bounty platform, working with the top community of white hat hackers to identify and report vulnerabilities in businesses’ websites, mobile applications and systems.

    As the Chief Information Officer, he has given speeches and conducted masterclasses for ACE startups, co-working spaces, Echelon by e27 (2019), Chamber of Commerce and even Interpol 2019.

    He has since exited the cybersecurity startup for an undisclosed sum and now focuses on Data Privacy Consultancy and PDPA training. He is the designated DPO for numerous companies in Singapore and handles Data Privacy matters on a day to day basis. 

    He has also been featured on numerous media outlets like Channel News Asia, Channel 8 and Berita Harian, on cyber security and its various associated topics.


    PDPA Course
    PDPA Course
    PDPA Course
    PDPA Course
    PDPA Course
    PDPA Course

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