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5 Workplace Tips: Protecting Information on Mobile Devices

5 Workplace Tips: Protecting Information on Mobile Devices

Preserve your work and personal data on-the-go by protecting information on mobile devices
Preserve your work and personal data on-the-go by protecting information on mobile devices

The use of mobile phones in almost everything we do has undeniably improved our standard of living, and to a large degree, including our work as well. With these handy device’s increasing functionality such as sending e-mails, managing appointments, and instantaneous file sharing, many organizations are able to accomplish their KPIs even with minimal use of desktop and laptop computers.

However, whenever a company creates a new way of accessing its data, they put their information at a greater risk. Even when experts claim that cell phones are a harder hack target than computers, it doesn’t mean that they are altogether safe. Generally, our smartphone is a mother lode where delicate subtleties of our identity are contained– including fragments of our business organization’s confidential data.

To help you preserve your work and personal data on-the-go, here are five workplace tips on protecting information on mobile devices.

1. Lock your phone. Always

Regardless of your workplace environment, there is always a looming threat that your phone might get stolen, maybe in your office or while on the way to work. This is double jeopardy should your stolen smartphone lack any kind of security features. Thus, always find the time to integrate and update your screen lock method whether it is a passcode, pattern, fingerprint, or face recognition.

Consider also setting a screen lock timer at about 30 seconds of idle. This adds an extra layer of protection by making sure your device locks itself automatically after leaving it somewhere in your office for a brief period.

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2. Set strong passwords

The beauty of smartphones is how we can access multiple applications simultaneously within a few taps and swipes. However, when your device falls on the wrong hands, it also opens an oasis of exploitable information. Thus, applying the all-time rule in the digital world, set strong passwords across your various apps to mitigate damage in the event of an unauthorized access- whether at home or at work.

3. Update your smartphone’s OS

Smartphone’s operating system is integral to your overall user experience- verily, this includes upgraded performance and security. Most of us would easily ignore our phone’s prompts of OS updates as they usually take time to install. However, this is extremely crucial in protecting information on mobile devices; especially if the latest OS patch addresses certain bugs and vulnerabilities.

To stay secured, you can easily connect to your workplace’s Wi-Fi and let your phone download the latest OS version and other security patch updates to stay fully-protected.

Your mobile phone is one of the best tools in increasing work productivity
Your mobile phone is one of the best tools in increasing work productivity

4. Connect to public Wi-Fi securely

When we use our smartphones for both personal and work purposes, it is a necessity to remain online at all times. Especially with remote-working set-up, our “workplace” has been expanded to include almost anywhere. Thus when entering an establishment, Wi-Fi access is the first thing we ask for. While this is generally discouraged to afford maximum data security, there are just those times that we need to connect with them badly.

To stay safe while using public Wi-Fi, be sure to connect to a virtual private network or VPN. This is as easy as turning on a browser plugin or pulling up a VPN app. This move would keep your exact location unknown and your information safe from lurking hackers.

5. Keep your data encrypted

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, there is still a way to protect your data. However, you need to do it beforehand. As such, it is always recommended to keep your data encrypted. Encryption is the method by which information is converted into secret code that hides the information’s true meaning.

Basically, most phones have encryption settings you can readily enable in the security menu of your device. Keying in your unit model and doing a quick search on google can give you a step by step instruction on how to go about it.

Finally, you must remember that in effectively protecting information on mobile devices, it is extremely important to be wary of all your activities. These top five workplace tips are just some of the basic steps on how to remain safe while still maximizing your smartphone’s full-functionality.

When you practice good cybersecurity hygiene, you will realize how your mobile device is the ultimate tool in increasing work productivity.


Today, we can’t live without smartphones as it makes our lives easier, even in the workplace. However, since our smartphones collect personal data of all aspects of our lives, this imposes a certain risk on our security, digital presence, and even the organisation we are currently employed, especially since the digital world is filled with skilled hackers and bad actors lurking around.

With this, we have to be extra careful and full of helpful tips that could be susceptible to human error. Luckily, there is Privacy Ninja’s AntiHACK Phone which provides users with 24/7 security and data encryption so that they will no longer worry that their personal data will be accessed by anyone, either through malware or physical access.

This AntiHACK phone is brought to you by digital forensics and counterintelligence experts. It is fully encrypted and unlockable by anyone other than yourself, providing military-grade and enterprise encryption standards for everyday smartphone users.

What are you waiting for? Contact Privacy Ninja now and get your very own AntiHACK Phone!

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