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Shred It Singapore For Commercial Document Destruction

shred it singapore
Shred it Singapore helps to protect your reputation by safeguarding sensitive and confidential information.

Shred It Singapore For Commercial Document Destruction

How to securely shred and dispose of documents without a paper shredder?

What to look for when you want to shred documents by a local paper shredding company? This guide explains everything you need to know about shredding confidential office papers in a safe and secure way.

You’ll save time and money while gaining total confidence your information is handled with the utmost care and security. 

Secure document destruction helps your organization: 

  • Protect your reputation by safeguarding sensitive and confidential information.
  • Reduce costs of managing information assets that are no longer useful or necessary to your organization.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, industry and credit card regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action.

What is paper shredding?

Paper shredding is a safe solution to securely dispose of old or unwanted confidential documents at home or in the office. You can destroy residential or commercial documents yourself with a paper shredder machine or hire a specialized commercial paper shredding company that can do the shredding for you. Making use of a shredding service saves you time, especially when you demand high volume document shredding. With secure document shredding, you protect client or employee information or sensitive company data that is printed on all kinds of documents. Once a document contains confidential information it is recommended to shred the documents before disposing of it for paper recycling.

What does a paper shredding service do?

Paper shredding companies shred confidential documents for you. Instead of shredding a stack of documents with your own office paper shredder, you give your documents to a professional paper destruction company in your area. The company shreds all your documents with a professional industrial shredder into unreadable particles. This shredding process saves you time because you don’t need to shred pill of paper a few sheets at a time with your own shredder.

Where can you shred your documents?

It is very important to choose a reliable shredding company, because which company can you really trust with your confidential papers? Think about it, you hand over confidential documents, papers, and records with all kinds of sensitive information. Such as details about your company, personnel information, client or customer information, personal data or maybe even highly sensitive medical information. You really want to avoid the risk that this data falls into the wrong hands, with all of its consequences.

Shred it Singapore help to reduce costs of managing information assets that are no longer useful or necessary to your organization.

Who needs paper shredding?

On this page, shred it Singapore will focus on commercial customers. But document shredding is actually for everyone with the need to shred confidential documents. Whether you are looking for secure paper shredding services at home, or for small or large businesses. Most shredding companies offer their services for both residential and commercial customers.

The most important thing is that your confidential documents are getting destroyed securely. It doesn’t matter how many documents you want to shred. A single sheet of paper with highly sensitive data is just as important as shredding as a warehouse full of old financial records. So don’t hesitate to have your paper shredded by a professional, even if you only want to shred one file or folder containing a few pages. No shredding task is too big or too small, really.

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Types of document shredding services

When you browse the web for industrial shredding services near you, you will notice that shredding companies offer all kind of services, such as:

  1. One-time shredding
  2. Regularly shredding
  3. On-site shredding
  4. Off-site shredding
  5. Drop-off shredding
  6. Shred events

Which shredding service fits your needs and what are the differences between them? We tell you all about it below:

1. One-time shredding

A popular service is a one-time paper shredding or annual purge shredding. Companies choose this service when they, for instance, had their annual clean-out of old documents and records. All their old financial records and other unwanted confidential documents can be shredded at once for one-time at a fixed price.

2. Regularly shredding

You can also hire a paper destruction company to shred your documents on a regular basis. With this recurring shred service, you make use of locked containers at the office where you dispose of your confidential paper waste securely. The company collects the documents when the security container is full. This can be regularly scheduled or when you inform the company the bin is full and ask them to empty the bins to shred your confidential documents.

3. On-site shredding

When it is important for you or your company to witness the paper destruction process in action, you can hire a paper shredder company that provides on-site shredding or so-called mobile paper shredding. How does this work? You schedule an appointment with the shredding provider to shred your documents at your location. A specialized truck will park at your location to collect all your confidential documents.

The truck contains an industrial paper shredder installation in which the shredding company immediately shreds your documents in front of your office. So you can witness the document shredding process in real-time. It is common that you watch the shredding process on a monitor outside the shredding truck since it is important that the paper shredding takes place in a locked and secure environment.

4. Off-site shredding

The opposite of on-site shredding is off-site shredding at a secure shredding location. With this service, the company collects the documents that you want to shred. This can be done regularly or for one-time shredding purposes. The company collects the documents from several customers in your area with a secured truck. Once the capacity of the truck is full it drives to a secure destruction site where the documents will be unloaded and shredded in a large industrial shredder. Normally you can’t witness the shredding process, like with on-site shredding. However, you can ask the shredding company if you can visit the location to see how they shred documents in their shredder.

5. Drop-off shredding

This service is an addition to off-site shredding. With drop-off shredding, you collect all your shredding and transport it yourself to a shredding location near you. You will need to contact the shredding company beforehand to make a drop-off shredding appointment. At the paper shredding facility you drop-off all your confidential documents which you want to get shred. The facility weighs your material in order to tell you what the price of the shredding service will be.

6. Shred events

Every once in awhile paper shredding companies organize special shred events in your area. These events have promotional intend, most of the time, which means you can shred documents for free. The free shredding events are often consumer-oriented and targeted for shredding relatively small quantities of personal information.

Shred it Singapore help to ensure compliance with federal, state, industry and credit card regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

It is common that paper destruction companies provide you with a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed. This certificate is proof that you shredded your documents in association with a paper shredding company. You’ll receive this certificate after the shredding process is done. It is recommended to keep the certificate. This document contains information about the volume of documents that have been shredded on a particular date, the transportation method and the name of the shredding company. When your company is audited you can show the certificate as proof of compliance.

How much does document shredding cost?

The cost of paper shredding depends on several aspects and factors. Such as the number of documents you want to shred, the distance between your company and the shredding facility, do you drop-off the documents yourself or opt for collection at your site and which shredding company you choose. Prices for paper shredding vary, so it is recommended to request multiple quotes to compare prices.

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