The Windows 10 Calculator Has Been Ported to Linux

The Windows 10 Calculator has been ported to Linux and can be installed from the Canonical Snap Store.

In March 2019, Microsoft open-sourced the Windows 10 Calculator and invited other developers to contribute to its development.

Using the Uno Platform, an open-source toolkit to create cross-platform applications, Uno developers ported the Windows Calculator (calc.exe) to Linux under the name ‘Uno Calculator.’

Below you can see the Windows 10 Calculator running in Windows on the left and the Uno Calculator running in Ubuntu on the right.

Windows 10 Calculator and Uno Calculator
Windows 10 Calculator (Left) and Uno Calculator (Right)

If you are running Ubuntu and wish to install Uno Calculator, you can do so through the Snap Store using the following command:

snap install uno-calculator

Once installed, run uno-calculator to launch the programs from the Ubuntu Desktop or another X11 server desktop.

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Uno Calculator running on Ubuntu Desktop
Uno Calculator running on Ubuntu Desktop

While Ubuntu and other desktops already include a calculator app, Uno Calculator demonstrates a cross-platform toolkits’ power.

Using these toolkits, developers can develop applications on one platform, and using the same code base, port it to other platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile.

As Linux increases in popularity, and even Microsoft embraces the operating system, we can see more native Windows apps ported to Linux to entice users to switch.

To illustrate this, in July 2020, Microsoft ported the Procmon system monitoring utility to Linux as an open open-source project.

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