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Windows 10: Bulk Install Essential Apps With This Free Tool

Windows 10: Bulk Install Essential Apps With This Free Tool

During the Build 2020 developer conference, Microsoft published Winget package manager for installing popular apps available outside of the store.

Winget currently works from the command line only, but if you’re not familiar with Command Prompt or PowerShell, third-party developers have released tools to help you find apps and install them.

Installing an application using Winget

One of those apps is ‘Winstall’, which allows you to install apps from Microsoft’s open-source repository using the command line in a console.

Before getting started with Winstall, you should download and install Winget package manager from the Microsoft Store.

Winstall is a website (PWA) that you can open in your browser and then search for available applications in the Winget repository. Unlike Microsoft’s own Winget, this website also lets you select multiple apps that you wish to install at the same time.

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With the latest update to his website, developer Mehedi Hassan says he has added support for a new feature called “Featured packs” to help you quickly install essential apps in bulk.

You can browse the featured packs created by Mehedi Hassan and other users. You can also create your own packs. These apps are helpful when you’re getting started with a new device and you don’t want to download all apps manually.

For example, as shown below, we choose the “Entertainment” pack to install apps like Spotify, VLC, etc at the same time.

When you’ve selected the apps that you want to install, simply scroll down and click on ‘Copy to clipboard’ to copy the auto-generated winget command.

Once copied, you can paste this command in a console and install the apps. You can also download a batch file and run the command.

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