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Microsoft Reveals the Redesigned Windows 10 Task Manager Icon

Microsoft Reveals the Redesigned Windows 10 Task Manager Icon

Microsoft revealed today the redesigned icon for the Windows 10 Task Manager program as part of a user interface refresh coming in the upcoming Sun Valley feature update.

Last year, Microsoft announced that they were starting to migrate their existing Windows 10 icons to their Fluent design system, supported in Windows, iOS, Android, and web applications.

“The addition of color also gives a cohesive design language across platforms: the icon that’s familiar in Windows 10 is the same on Android, iOS, and Mac, providing a wayfinding path across your digital life,” Christina Koehn, Principal Design Director at Microsoft, explained in a blog post at the time.

With the release of today’s Windows 10 Preview build 21390, Microsoft has finally revealed the new Fluent icon for the very popular Windows 10 Task Manager utility, as shown below.

New Windows 10 Task Manager Fluent icon
New Windows 10 Task Manager Fluent icon

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In addition to the Task Manager, Microsoft also unveiled their new icon for Windows Install (MSI) files. Below you can see the current MSI icon on the left, with the redesigned Fluent version on the right.

Old and new MSI icons
Old and new MSI icons

While Microsoft has slowly been rolling out these icons to current versions of Windows 10, they are part of an overall design refresh coming this fall as part of the Windows 10 Sun Valley feature update.

As part of the Sun Valley update, Windows 10 will be getting new animations, rounded corners, and redesigned user interface elements, such as ListView, buttons, sliders, and toggle switches.

This feature update includes new Fluent-based Windows 10 system icons added to recent preview builds and new application icons previously shown off by Microsoft.

Upcoming Windows 10 Fluent icons
Upcoming Windows 10 Fluent icons

During the Microsoft Build 2021 keynote speech, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella teased Windows users about the next version of Windows.

“Soon we will share one of the most significant updates of Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during his keynote.

“I’ve been self-hosting it over the past several months, and I’m incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows.”

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It is rumored that Microsoft will share more information about the next version of Windows at a dedicated press event soon.


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