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Data collection methods: How to do these right

Organisations collect customers’ personal data in exchange for the services they provide. In doing so, they must ensure that the data collection methods they use are in compliance with the PDPA or else face the hefty financial penalty to be imposed by the PDPC.

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protecting personal data

What your organisation should know about protecting personal data

Bad actors are always lurking. This is why it is important for organisations to be vigilant in protecting personal data. Organisations should always remember that aside from the hefty penalty that the PDPC could impose, the organisation could also lose customers and potential clients in the future in case of a breach.

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email impersonation

Email impersonation scams: What are the types and how to protect your business against them?

For the longest time, employees have been the constant target of bad actors simply because they have the level of access that could penetrate the organisation’s cybersecurity. This could be in the form of hacking for passwords, phishing, and, the most common, email impersonation scams. In this article, we defined what is an email impersonation, discussed its types, and explained how you protect your business against them.

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A guide to data breach response: What organisations should know

Setting cybersecurity safeguards and policies may not be enough to prevent a breach. This is because there could be hidden vulnerabilities that cannot be noticed firsthand. With this, when there’s a breach that occurs, organisations must conduct a data breach response to mitigate and stop the breach from incurring more damage to the organisation.

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