Razer Pay App to give out about 5 million free masks to Singapore residents

Razer Pay App 2

Free surgical masks to be dispensed via vending machines using Razer Pay App

On May 11, the tech company said that 20 vending machines dispensing surgical masks will be set up across Singapore. 

The vending machines will be placed islandwide, including at all malls under Frasers Property Retail and JustCo co-working spaces, according to the company. All machines will be progressively installed by June 1, 2020, before circuit breaker measures are expected to be lifted.

How To Redeem via Razer Pay App?

To redeem the masks, users must register for the mobile wallet app, Razer Pay App, to verify their identity.

During the beta testing period, the app will issue a QR coupon code valid for three months, which can be scanned at vending machines for mask collection.

“Razer’s mask vending machines would ensure that the public always has access to masks when out and about,” the company said.

“For example, if anyone has forgotten or misplaced their reusable masks, they will be able to purchase a single use Razer surgical mask anytime from the conveniently located network of vending machines.”


Razer Pay App’s Justification For Collecting Your Data


According to Tan, the requirement for verification via the Razer Pay app was to prevent fraud and ensure that there will not be a free-for-all for the masks.

He acknowledged that there had been negativity regarding the verification process, but added that the company had limited authority on verification processes compared to the government.

“We aren’t the government and have no access to the Identity Cards etc. We’re funding this completely ourselves and would like to ensure there’s no fraud,” Tan shared in a Facebook post.

Privacy Ninja’s Advise


This is definitely a brilliant marketing strategy by Razer Pay App to get user acquisition quickly and cheaply and to shortcut to quickly catch up with big players in the market such as Grab Pay. Grab has definitely missed the boat on this opportunity.

Singaporeans need to remember nothing is “free” in this world. There is nothing wrong with Razer doing this as it is all part of business so there is no need for negative comments online. If you voluntarily give up your data for a piece of mask that cost less than a few cents to make, its a trade that both parties willing to make.

As privacy enthusiasts, we highly recommend not to trade your data for a piece of mask. It is only worth the trade if you know you are going to use razer pay app for other means or going to use the app anyway. 

You can’t stop companies’ business plans and marketing plans but at least you have a choice whether to give up your data or not.

Privacy Ninja Free Tip: If you are going to use the Razer Pay App to redeem free masks. Please remember not to use the same username and password across all your other accounts.


If you found your data online on the internet and need help removing please do read about what we do here.

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