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Atlassian Trello is Down — Second Outage This Week

Atlassian Trello is Down — Second Outage This Week

Trello is down for many users around the world, second time this week.

Trello is a web-based TODO list-style platform owned by Atlassian, makers of Jira and Confluence.

Businesses and news outlets around the world rely on Trello for task management and prioritization purposes.

Trello down in second outage this week

DownDetector is showing increased reports from Trello users experiencing degraded performance or being unable to access the service.

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downdetector shows trello is down
DownDetector shows reports of Trello users experiencing issues

The issue surfaced around 11:05 ET today and Atlassian is continuing to investigate the root cause of the issue.

“Trello is slow or unavailable. Our engineering team is actively investigating this incident and working to bring Trello back up as quickly as possible,” states the platform’s status page.

“Users affected by this incident may notice that Trello is slow or completely unavailable in both the web and mobile apps. We will update this page as we have additional information.”

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As of yesterday, some users were also facing issues with their Google apps integrated with Trello:

“C’mon Trello, down again for the second time this week,” tweeted software developer Duncan McClean.

“Trello, come on bello, wake up,” said digital marketing professional Andrea Capecci.

About a day ago, Trello’s engineers believed they had found the root cause of the issue.

“Trello engineers believe they’ve found the source of the problem, and site performance is back to normal,” the company had said yesterday. But looks like the problem has returned.

This is a developing story.

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